Working in New Zealand

Working in New Zealand

New Zealand is an excellent place to relocate and work in for Australians, mainly because Australian citizens don’t require a visa. A bilateral agreement means that Aussies and Kiwis can move between the two countries for work without applying for any form of special permission.

As long as you are of good character and have an Australian passport, you will be granted an Australian Citizen Visa upon arriving in New Zealand. This visa allows you to work in New Zealand and it can only be issued after you arrive in New Zealand.

What Constitutes a Good Character?

You must have a ‘good character’ to move and work freely in Australia and New Zealand. Serious character issues that will prevent you from being granted an Australian Citizen Visa include:

  • Being sentenced to prison for five years or more
  • Committing an offence in the past ten years that carried a 12 month prison sentence
  • Being prohibited from entering New Zealand
  • Having been excluded, deported or removed from any country.

The New Zealand Government may also preclude you from entry if they believe you are likely to:

  • Pose a security threat
  • Disturb public order
  • Affect public interest
  • Commit an offence that would attract a prison term.

What Documentation Will I Need to Attain an Australian Citizen Visa?

You only require a valid Australian passport, with at least six months’ validity. You need to be aware that if you leave New Zealand for an extended period of time, your visa will be cancelled. If you wish to travel without affecting your status, you need to complete

Form INZ 175.

Work Culture in New Zealand

Given the proximity of the two countries and the intimate history they share, the work cultures of Australia and New Zealand are very similar. Australians will generally fit into their new workplace seamlessly.

Perhaps the only difference in culture is the more reserved communication style in Kiwi workplaces. Australians need to be careful not to offend by being overly boisterous, or critical in certain situations. Politeness is always the order of business in New Zealand.

Finding Employment in New Zealand

It’s always best to find employment before you relocate. This makes for a much less stressful experience. You can seek out opportunities in New Zealand whilst still in Australia via the following sites:

You can also sign up with a recruitment agency, such as Adecco or Enterprise. If you’re seeking executive level opportunities, sign up with Stanton Chase or Segel Partners.

The New Zealand Government also provides resources, including a job search site, CareersNZ and Employment New Zealand, which offers a variety of resources on working in New Zealand. The Business and New Zealand Now websites also provide advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners that are seeking to operate in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a fantastic place to work. Not only is it easy, but expats will be welcomed with open arms and be given the opportunity to work in a number of exciting and growing industries. The New Zealand economy is healthy, and you can take part in its next stage of growth.

If you are planning on moving with family read our guide on education & childcare and Transport & Housing to make a smoother relocation to New Zealand. Or if you planning on just exploring New Zeland as an avid traveller here are the top 5 things you should know when in New Zealand.

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