• I need help preparing for my house move

    Moving house can be overwhelming which is why a comprehensive moving house checklist is paramount to assist you in planning and ensuring a stress-free move. A detailed best-practice moving house checklist can make a world of difference with making your move easy. Here is our Moving House Checklist to get started.

  • How can I save money on my house move?

    Our highly-trained removalists are some of the best in the business and whilst we guarantee our furniture removalists will move you as quickly and as safely as possible, there are some things you can do to help you save even more money during your house move.

    • Clear the hallways – furniture removalists always start with your larger items, make sure your hallways and doorways are clear, so the removalists can get access to your beds and couches.
    • Make sure everything is packed – make sure everything is boxed up and stacked neatly. Don’t overfill the boxes as they require more removalists to move, or they can fall apart putting your items at risk of damage. Please ensure you label your cartons, so we know which room to place them in your new home.
    • Disassemble your furniture and unplug whitegoods & technology – If your bed comes apart, make sure you disassemble it prior to our furniture removalists arriving. This also goes for flat packed items, such as IKEA furniture, as both will save you a lot of time and money. White goods and technology also need to be unplugged and prepared the day before, read our hints and tips on how to prepare your items prior to moving day.
    • Ensure you only pack what your furniture removalist can transport – use our handy Do’s and Don’ts flyer for guidance.
    • Check out weekday rates – in some cases it may be cheaper to move on a weekday rather than a weekend, so consider taking the day off to move.
  • Can Kent Removals & Storage dismantle my furniture for me?

    Our furniture removalists will dismantle basic items such as bed frames and other large furniture. Our furniture removalists will not dismantle IKEA items and recommend you organise a handyman to complete this prior to your house move day. To save time, it is recommended that you dismantle the furniture prior to our furniture removalists arriving.

  • How long should it take to move house?

    There is no hard and fast rule as every move is different. It all depends on how prepared you are, how much you are moving and accessibility at each address, traffic and so on. We charge a fixed rate of 30 min travel time each way (provided you live within 50 km of the CBD) which means you won’t pay more if there is a hold up or traffic. Our Kent furniture removalists are some of the best in the business and guarantee that they will move you as fast and as stress-free as possible.

  • What if my consignment doesn’t fit in one load?

    At the time of booking, our Move Consultants can give you an accurate idea of how many trucks and men you require based on the information you provide.

    If your belongings cannot fit in the first truck, based on availability, our team may be able to return for a second trip. If they cannot, it is advisable to ask the furniture removalists to leave goods you can move yourself.

  • Does Kent Removals & Storage move potted plants?

    In most cases it is difficult to move pot plants as they often have bugs, ants and are too dirty to travel with your furniture and valuables. We can in some cases however, be assessed on the day by our furniture removalists.

    To save time and money, it’s best to hire a trailer for a minimal cost from your local service station and move them prior to your move day.

  • Do your furniture removalists disconnect technology and whitegoods?

    No, our furniture removalists do not disconnect fridges, televisions, washing machines, dryers or else. Each item should be prepared properly prior to your moving day. To help you best prepare for your move day check out tips on how to prepare your washing machine, fridge, TV and more.


  • How many boxes will I need for packing?

    A moderately furnished house will use approximately 10 Treasure Paks per room and 15 Treasure Paks in the kitchen. Ask your Kent Move Consultant about our professional range of packing cartons and materials. We can even drop them off and collect them when you’re done for a minimal fee.

  • How can I protect my paintings and glass tops?

    Ask your Kent Move Consultant about our range of professional packing cartons, specifically our custom designed ‘Art Pak’, double thickness and sturdy, perfect for moving glass table tops, mirrors and artwork.

  • Do you collect used packing cartons?

    Our Kent furniture removalists can collect your used packing cartons provided they are flattened and all tape is removed for a fee of $85.00.

  • Is there anything I shouldn’t pack?

    There are some items we do not move, check here on our Do’s and Don’ts Checklist or consult your Move Consultant prior to booking.


  • How do I Book?

    Kent Removals & Storage has a convenient online booking system where you can confirm your move date and pay a deposit. A dedicated Move Consultant will contact you to clarify any questions you may have and all other details.

    Or you can simply call us on 13 55 31 and book directly with one of our Moving Consultants.

  • Where do I find your payment details?

    The first payment will be made via credit card. A deposit on booking and the remainder of the charges on completion of the job.

  • What about insurance?

    Our furniture removalists are highly trained and some of the best in the business, however, sometimes accidents do happen. In most cases, your house and contents insurance won’t cover you in the case of an accident, so we recommend you consider Kent Transit & Storage Insurance, it is easy to organise and very affordable! Ask your Move Consultant at the time of booking.

  • Can I cancel?

    You can cancel your removalist service any time up to 72 hours prior to your move date with no penalty. Cancellations after this incur loss of deposit.


  • How do I know if Kent Removals & Storage service my area?

    We service all metro areas in capital cities across Australia as well as most country areas. Contact one of our Move Consultants for more information on 13 55 31.


  • How long does it take to deliver my belongings between states?

    The interstate relocation of your belongings can take up to 3 weeks. When you move with Kent Removals & Storage you will enjoy our priority loading which results in a speedier relocation.  Our preferred supplier status with the two biggest rail providers in Australia means that you will get a priority slot and have your belongings delivered faster.

    Our large network preferred supplier agreements across the country includes rail freighting as well as an array of ancillary services designed to help you when you move.

  • What about storage for my belongings during my relocation from one state to another?

    Yes, we provide free storage of up to 28 days from when we pick up your valuables.

  • What other services will I need when moving interstate?

    Other services to consider with moving interstate include packing, short term or long-term storage, vehicle transport, bond cleaning and pet relocation. Correctly packing your items is important for a successful interstate relocation. Its recommended to using trained furniture removalists to pack your home using quality materials. Just ask our Move Consultant for more information.


  • What is the process with moving overseas with Kent?

    There are seven steps to make your move internationally as stress free as possible, these include:

    • Planning the move
    • Packing
    • Immigration paperwork
    • Move out of your old home
    • Move into your new home
    • What to expect when you arrive
    • Settling in your new area

    Kent assist in every stage of your overseas move, to ensure a seamless stress-free experience.

  • How long in advance should I start planning my overseas move?

    Start your planning your international move as early as you possibly can, but no later than two months out of your desired move date.

  • How do I best prepare for my move overseas?

    Once you have determined what you need to move and when you need to move it, start thinking of what other additional services you may need.

    These include decisions regarding whether do you need help with packing and unpacking, storage, vehicle relocation or pet transport and boarding and transport and storage insurance. Standard home insurance will not cover your belongings during transit.

    Kent provides all the above, whilst making sure that the overseas relocation of your valuables is safe and smooth.

  • What is involved with customs and immigration when moving overseas and how Kent Removals & Storage can help?

    Kent Removals & Storage provides guidance on a whole range of odd jobs that you can get started on as early as possible to make your overseas move seamlessly stress-free. Just some of these include custom clearance, applying for your visa, travel arrangements such as flights booking and airport transfers as well as what do to when you arrive at your destination such as booking temporary accommodation. Check out our Complete Overseas Moving Guide to get started.

  • Does Kent Removals & Storage help with mobility services such as school search and settling in services?

    Kent Relocation Services offers a unique range of mobility services to assist with settling into your new environment with services designed to minimise the disruption and allow you to use your time efficiently during the moving process. We will take care of the home and school searches, orientation tours and temporary housing solutions, so you can focus on the move and your family. Read more.

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