• I have received my assignment details from HR / management and I and am ready to start the process. What are my next steps?

    Your Kent Global Mobility Relocation coordinator will call you within 24 hours of receiving instructions from your manager / HR. Your coordinator will introduce themselves as your main point of contact, assess your needs and arrange the necessary. The first step is to measure your household goods to formulate a quote for your employer.

  • How far ahead should I book the removals?

    Ideally you should confirm your pack and uplift dates as soon as possible as dates are often booked up in advance. Some days are busier than others (particularly Fridays) so it will help if you are flexible with your dates.

  • What items cannot be relocated?

    During the in-house survey our qualified consultants will provide you with the information around each specific countries regulation in line with the FIDI guidelines. You will receive an electronic version of the FIDI guidelines after your introduction call with your assigned single point of contact which details all items based on the specific country.

  • What about my flights and accommodation in my host location?

    Your employer will inform Kent of approved services. We offer a complete end-to-end managed experienced and your dedicated Kent Global Mobility Relocation coordinator will assist with your flight bookings, airport transfers, temporary accommodation, orientation, Home and home school searches if approved by your employer.

  • Do you have technology that allows tracking of the assignment for the assignees

    Overseeing and tracking elements of a relocation program at all levels can be daunting however our relocation software makes it simple. KAM (Kent assignment management) is a dedicated online portal which we have customized to your needs during your transition. It is an A-Z tool, features include: global online destination guide (‘Kent City Guide’), removal tracking, flight or schedule look-up, policy access, custom reports and much more.

  • What support services does Kent offer me to assist me when I arrive in my host location?

    You will be assigned and introduced to one of Kent’s on the ground Relocation Consultants (RC). Our RC’s provide personal, face-to-face interaction with you as you orient yourself to your new location. They assist with finding homes, school, and settling in to your new location.

  • Do I receive any support after my move is finalized?

    If you need support with your rental property or if things go wrong as they sometimes will, your Kent Global Mobility Relocation coordinator will be able to assist providing your employer has approved our level of assistance.


  • Can Kent provide assistance with policy reviews?

    Well-written, consistent policies are at the heart of mobility programs strength. A positive employee experience is directly tied to solid policies and programs run smoothly when they consider policy best practices alongside their own corporate culture. Kent can provide an in depth assessment of the overall health of your existing global mobility policies. We can provide benchmarking information based on existing key accounts where we measure stakeholder feedback across a broad set of functions and activities to uncover gaps, identify strengths and provide a clear overview of  your mobility program’s performance.

  • Can you tailor mobility services for clients?

    Kent can provide a range of tailored employee mobility services. The traditional expatriate assignment management and tailored flexible solutions are taken into account with the company’s policy guidelines in place.

  • Do you have technology and reporting that allows tracking of the assignment and HR interface?

    The Kent technology platform manages all your mobility activity and tracks the related data to present a global view of your program and up-to-the-minute details about every assignment.

    We customize the system for each client, based on their approval processes, workflows, reporting needs and other factors. The platform serves as the organization’s “single source of truth” for its mobility program—from policies to budgets to destination information for assignees.

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