Our industry leadership position brings with it a responsibility to provide and maintain a safe environment for our employees, our clients and the community.  We aim to continually innovate our business in ways that benefit the community, including reducing negative environmental impacts. Kent’s sustainable procurement practice upholds the following:

  • Acting socially responsibly and ethically in dealings with customers and suppliers
  • Better managing energy and water consumption for the life of our services
  • Applying sustainable practices to paper or card use, waste and emissions
  • Minimising landfill by repairing, reusing or extending service warranties

As a proudly Australian-owned and headquartered company, Kent supports a number of local charities. For each removal generated by this website, we donate proceeds to the Save the Children Foundation (that go towards their work with indigenous children). Kent also partners with Jeans for Genes, The Australian Cancer Society and The Salvation Army. Kent supports a number of green initiatives, making a concerted effort to work in ways that are kinder to the environment.
We support Greenfleet, planting one native tree through the charity for every completed customer satisfaction survey returned to us.

Our Commitment to the Community

Kent is committed to supporting causes that make a sustainable difference to the world. We believe that we have a duty of care to champion charitable and community initiatives through financial support and gifts-in-kind.One of our favourite initiatives is our long-term partnership with Save the Children, where we:

  • Donate proceeds from each web-generated removal
  • Provide transport and secure storage services as and when required
  • Engage our people in fundraising activities or salary sacrificing

Our Commitment to the Environment

Kent offsets its carbon footprint through a partnership with Greenfleet. Greenfleet is the first non-profit forestry offset organisation, to be accredited as an Approved Abatement Provider, under the Australian Federal Government’s Greenhouse Friendly™ initiative. Its role is:

  • To reduce carbon from the atmosphere
  • Help prevent salinity and soil erosion
  • Provide a habitat for native wildlife

In addition to stringently complying with legal and statutory requirements, through Greenfleet we plant a native tree for every completed Customer Satisfaction Survey we receive. Last year alone we planted over 10,000 trees.

Support National Tree Day on 28 July 2017 by finding a site closest to you

How You Can Make a Difference

In addition to the funds that are raised when you book our services online and complete our surveys, you can:

  • Help our most disadvantaged youngsters in Australia get the best start in life by donating to Save the Children’s early education programs.
  • Help turn carbon emissions back into biodiverse native forests to help protect our environment from the impact of climate change by getting involved with Greenfleet.

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Kent’s Vision and Principles

Second Bite - Food for people in need

Second Bite - Food for people in need

Help us go green with Greenfleet

Help us go green with Greenfleet