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A comprehensive moving house checklist is paramount when it comes to having a stress-free move. With a detailed moving checklist, packing all your treasures and moving locally, interstate, or even across the globe becomes much easier!

Our moving checklists come from successfully moving a million Australians over the last 75 years. During that time we have learnt countless moving house tips and packing tips that make the entire process as easy as can be. So, whether you enlist Kent as your professional removalists, or decide to tackle moving home on your own, follow our moving house checklists.

We’ve compiled all of our best tips for moving house into the Ultimate Moving House Checklist to assist you prepare and pack your treasures as quickly, easily, and safely as possible. Take a look at our moving list to help you on your journey!

General House Moving Tips and Packing Tips

Keep in mind that there are some general ‘truths’ of moving:

  • While you’re packing, it’s likely you’ll come across belongings you haven’t used (or even seen) for years. Moving house is good opportunity to spring clean; throw away belongings you don’t need
  • Be prepared that your treasures will take up more space than you think. An accurate volume estimate from the expert removalists at Kent take any guesswork out of the equation
  • Packing safely and securely takes a lot of time. The more time and effort you put into the packing process, the easier unpacking will be. Ensuring your treasures are properly packed also reduces the risk of damage during relocation. For our packing tips, download our Moving House Packing Tips.

What do I need to prepare for moving house?

Moving house can be a bit overwhelming, so being prepared will help ease some of the stress on the day. To prepare, create a list of all the items you need to move and dispose of anything else that doesn’t make the cut. Get your packing supplies in order, such as boxes, bubble wrap, and tape to protect your belongings during transportation. Be sure to label your boxes with a brief description and which room they belong to—this will help make unpacking a breeze!

Ultimate House Move Checklist and Tips: Two Months to Moving Day

You may think two months out from moving day is too early to start a moving checklist. But the key to a successful, stress-free move is preparation. Moving house usually takes longer than expected—obstacles will pop up along the way—particularly if you’re packing your own belongings. By following our checklist for moving house, you give yourself the best possible chance of a painless, punctual and cost effective move. Moving tips two months out:

  • Lock in your removalists. Now is the time to obtain quotes from professional, expert removalists. For a safe, affordable, stress-free move speak to one of Kent’s moving experts on 1300 271 302, request an in-home visit, or complete our quick and easy online 24/7 Instant Moving Quote
  • Arrange car transport. Book in the relocation of vehicles, such as boats, trailers or caravans
  • Book pet transport. Arrange pet relocation services if you aren’t planning on carrying this out yourself
  • Hire a handyman. If your contract of sale or lease requires any maintenance or repair work prior to your move date, its best to get tradesmen organised now
  • Get on top of paperwork. Keep your moving budget on track by creating an itemised list of all your moving expenses. Create a folder for all your moving documentation, such as quotes and receipts. Collate all your important, personal documents (like birth certificates and wills) and store them in a waterproof folder
  • Secure storage. Do you need any short term or long term storage? If you leave it too late, you may have to opt for an expensive, last minute storage solution. Kent’s storage facilities are more secure and up to 50% cheaper than self-storage options
  • Spring clean. Take stock of your belongings and decide what you will take, what you will sell or donate, and what you will discard. You may find you need to organise a skip, a hard-rubbish collection, or a garage sale
  • Start shopping smart. Use up all your perishables and frozen foods. Create a meal plan that will empty your fridge, freezer and pantry by the time moving day arrives
  • Research your new home. If you’re moving to a new suburb or city, find out where all your new amenities are located (like doctors, supermarkets, dentists).

Moving House Checklist and Tips: One Month to Moving Day

It’s never too early to implement our tips for moving house. Remember, packing will always take longer than expected, so even though moving day is still a month away we recommend you complete these moving tips and packing tips one month out:

  • Finalise moving day. Lock in moving day dates and times with your removalists, so you have a clear date and time frame to work towards.
  • Start Packing. Safe, secure packing is time consuming. So start packing as soon as you can, and allocate longer than you expect. Or, organise professional packing services to take care of it for you. For detailed packing tips, download our Moving House Packing Tips
  • Apply for leave. Talk to your boss and organise time off work. Depending on the scale of your move, you may need both the day before and the day of your move off
  • Give notice. If you are renting, give notice of to your landlord and organise a final inspection to secure a refund of your bond
  • Take stock of fragile treasures. Create a moving checklist of all precious, special and fragile items that will be moved. Organise protective wrapping and packing materials
  • Read instructions. Check manufacturer instructions for moving tips on large appliances such as washing machines and fridges
  • Arrange insurance. Normal contents insurance won’t cover your items during transit. Kent Removals offers a range of cost-effective moving insurance options
  • Change your address. Notify the electoral commission, tax office, banks and any other important contacts. If you have pets, you will also need to update their registration details with your current and future council office
  • Collect keys. Make sure you have all the keys to your current home—ask friends and family to return any spare keys
  • Dispose of dangerous goods (that cannot be moved). Ensure that gas cylinders and air bottles are empty and that valves are open. Arrange for the safe disposal of any dangerous materials. For more information, see our Moving House Do’s and Don’ts.

What do I update when I move house?

There’s a lot to consider when you move house. Not only to get your things moved safely, but also to make sure you receive important letters or documents during the move. It’s best to update your address with the companies and organisations most important to you, which can include:

  • Medicare
  • Department of Transport
  • Electoral Commission
  • Your bank
  • Your doctor
  • Phone provider

For a more comprehensive list of what to update when you move house, take a look at our change of address checklist.

Moving House Checklist and Tips: Two Weeks to Moving Day

By this stage of the moving process, your moving out checklist and Moving House Packing Tips should be your bible. Keep following our comprehensive checklist for moving to ensure a safe, stress-free move. Moving tips and packing tips two weeks out:

  • Confirm removalist. Contact your removalist to confirm payment and any removal requirements
  • Investigate regulations. Investigate any moving requirements (like parking and access restrictions, lift protocol and traffic management) imposed by authorities such as your local council, body corporate or building manager
  • Notify utilities. Notify all your utility providers and arrange disconnections and reconnections
  • Contact Australia Post. Organise mail redirection, and stop or redirect subscriptions and deliveries
  • Cancel services. Cancel any domestic services such as gardeners or house cleaners
  • Book in babysitters. Organise babysitters for your children and pets on moving day
  • Spring clean. Organise a house cleaning service for both your existing and new homes
  • Back up computers. Ensure all computers and important devices are backed up, and files are stored separately and securely
  • Service your car. If you are driving long distances during your move, ensure your car is in good working order
  • Create a floor plan. Include all room measurements in your new home to ensure all furniture fits, giving you enough time to replace what doesn’t
  • Organise the incidentals. Return any borrowed items, such as library books and DVDs. Refill your prescriptions to ensure they last a couple of weeks after you move. Pick up dry-cleaning. Return property keys.

Moving House Checklist and Tips: One Week to Moving Day

With just one week to go to moving day, it’s more important than ever that these final checks are ticked off your list. Follow these moving house tips to keep you on track the week before moving:

  • Final inspection. If you’ve purchased a new home, now is the time to organise a final inspection—24 to 48 hours before settlement is best to ensure that the property is up to the agreed standard
  • Collect keys. Arrange for your solicitor or agent to collect the keys to your new home, or visit your landlord and collect the keys yourself. Consider booking in a locksmith to change the locks at your new home on moving day
  • Confirm removalist specifics. Confirm details with your removalist:
    • Old and new addresses, access details and mobile phone contacts
    • ‘Customer Acceptance’ of your moving agreement has been returned
    • Any additions or changes to your Removal Plan, such as destination, settlement times, packing and unpacking requirements
    • Insurance requirements
    • Payment options and requirements
  • Set essentials aside. Keep small, important items (like remotes, keys and chargers) in a specially marked box. Keep bedding and towels for moving day in a separate, marked box
  • Finish packing. Check that all lids and jars are screwed on properly to avoid spills during transit. Pack plates vertically to keep them more secure and prevent breaking during the move. Give indoor plants and sprinkle of water and pack them into plastic lined boxes. Drain petrol and oil from tools and equipment. Use the of any food in your fridge, freezer and pantry
  • Confirm travel plans. If you’re moving interstate or overseas, confirm any flights and accommodation.

Moving House Checklist and Tips: The Day before Moving Day

Your moving out checklist should really be small the day before moving, just the last minute odd jobs. If you’ve followed all our moving house tips, then you should be feeling relatively calm and stress-free. Your moving out list for the day before includes:

  • If you have enlisted professional packing services, your packers will arrive at your home today. So, be sure to provide clear instructions
  • Assemble an ‘Essentials Kit’ with the basic needs for moving day (such as bottles of water, a first aid kit, any prescription medication, phone chargers, and so on)
  • Pack a bag for each family member containing clothes for moving day, toiletries and toys for children
  • Inform your removalist of any changes
  • Defrost your freezer and clean your fridge 
  • Drain liquid from appliances such as washing machines, irons and icemakers
  • Fit your washing machine with shipping bolts to prevent damage
  • Charge mobile phones and place chargers in a safe place. Write important numbers down just in case you run out of battery on moving day
  • Plan utilities: confirm with utility companies that your services are scheduled to be disconnected and reconnected
  • Check your new home is clean and ready for you to move in.

Moving Day Checklist

Having moved over a million Australians over the last 75 years, we understand all too well the stresses and challenges that moving day can bring. So, whether you enlist Kent as your professional removalists, or decide to tackle moving home on your own, follow our moving day moving house checklist.

Follow these tips at your old home:

  • Give removalists a detailed tour of your home, giving clear moving instructions. Ensure there is adequate access for the moving truck and point out the access points. Verify the destination address and give your contact number to your removalists
  • Make sure that ‘high priority’ boxes are easy to access, clearly marked and that the removalists are aware of them so they can be loaded last and be the first off
  • Confirm inventory and that all your treasures have been loaded onto the moving truck, by marking off your inventory
  • Carry important items, such as jewellery and important documents yourself
  • Setup redirect mail: leave a note with a forwarding address for any mail or deliveries.

Before you leave make sure:

  • Everything has been packed
  • All utilities have been disconnected and turned off
  • The house is secure
  • The garage door opener has been left behind
  • Your house keys have been returned to your solicitor or real estate agent.

Follow these tips at your new home:

  • Make sure all access points are clear for your removalists
  • Explain to your removalists where you want your belongings placed—provide a copy of your furniture floor plan
  • Check all utilities are connected. It may take time for your hot water to heat up if the gas pilot has to be relit
  • Check the condition of all unpacked belonging before signing the inventory
  • Carefully complete a condition report if you’re renting and take photos for your own records
  • Check for items left behind by previous occupants. Make sure poisonous and toxic substances are removed, and the garden is safe for pets and children
  • Leave your fridge standing upright for at least three hours before you switch it on. This allows the coolant gas to settle
  • Make assembling your beds a priority and then unpack the kitchen, bathroom and other key areas
  • Start enjoying life in your new home.

More Moving House Checklists

To assist you further, and make moving house as safe and stress-free as possible, have a read through and download the following additional checklists for moving house:

Mastering your Move with Kent Removals & Storage

As you embark on your journey to a new home, remember that Kent Removals & Storage is your trusted partner for a smooth and stress-free move. With over 75 years of experience, Kent has perfected the art of relocations, making your transition effortless. Whether you choose Kent as your professional removalist or opt to tackle the move on your own, our Ultimate Moving House Checklist and expert tips are at your disposal.

Trust Kent for all your moving needs. Don’t delay, call 13 55 31 or head straight to our Contact Page and experience the unparalleled difference that Kent Removals & Storage can make in your move. Your peace of mind is just a phone call away!

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