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The Day Before Moving Day What You Need to Know

The moving house checklist you used two months ago is very different to these moving eve tips. If you find yourself asking ‘what should I do the day before moving?’, our ‘day before’ list is designed to help ensure everything runs smoothly, and to save you from losing sleep over what may have been forgotten. However, by now, all the big ticket items should have been taken care of, particularly if you’ve been following all of our moving house tips in chronological order.

It’s a good idea to have a strategy for all the last minute things to do before moving day. Being prepared makes you feel a whole lot better, and ensures you won’t forget anything important. The list of things to do when moving house can feel endless, so we’ve taken the stress out of it for you with this handy list you can tick off the day before the move. It’s one of a whole collection of moving house checklists that Kent Removals has prepared to help you have a successful, stress-free move.

Work through the tips we’ve included here to be confident all is under control. Then enjoy a good night’s sleep and some Kent peace of mind!

Things to do The Day Before Moving House

Knowing what to do when moving house doesn’t come pre-installed in our minds, that’s why our checklist exists! So follow below and tick off tasks when you’re done. Before you know it, you’ll be in your new digs and unpacked!

 Get the Final Details Down

  • If you’ve booked Kent Removal’s professional packers, then our team will arrive at your home today. Make sure that you (or your representative) are
  • home when your professional packers arrive. Give them clear instructions on what needs to be packed, particularly if you have special instructions for fragile, breakable and important items. Keep in mind that you, or your representative, must be in attendance at all times
  • Make sure you call your removalist if you have any changes to your Removal Plan (such as delivery destination, contact details or settlement times). Making sure that your removalist has accurate, detailed information will ensure moving day goes off without a hitch
  • Check that anyone requiring payment prior to moving day has been paid, (such as your removalist and cleaners)
  • If you have arranged a babysitter for your children, give them a quick call to confirm pick up and drop off times, and any other important details
  • If you have arranged either a pet sitter or pet boarding for your furry friends on moving day, either confirm the details or drop your pets off at the kennel. Dropping pets off a day early saves you one more job on (what is sure to be) a very busy moving day.

 Organise What You Need to Take With You For a Stress-free Move

  • Gather together jewellery, passports, identification, important documents and any other essential items that you may need on moving day. Pack them all in a safe, clearly labelled place to ensure they are not inadvertently packed into the wrong box
  • If you already have keys to your new home, take care that they are not packed in a box loaded onto the moving truck
  • Put together an ‘Essentials Kit’ which includes basic needs for moving day (medications, first aid, coffee, tea, kettle, mugs, snacks, dog leads, pet food)
  • Put together a ‘Mini Toolkit’ with essential tools, packing tape, a torch and a Stanley knife. Place this into your important ‘Bits & Pieces’ box and keep these handy on the kitchen bench to add any last minute items
  • Pack a bag for each family member containing necessities (a change of clothes, sleepwear, toiletries and favourite toys for children)
  • Charge all mobile phones and place phone chargers into your ‘Bits & Pieces’ box
  • Ensure that any important phone numbers you’ll need on moving day are stored in your mobile and written on a piece of paper. This might include phone numbers for your removalist, real estate agent and babysitter. This tip for moving day can be a lifesaver if your mobile phone battery runs down or your phone is misplaced.

Do Any Last-minute Cleaning and Preparation

  • If you haven’t already done so, carry out a final clean of your fridge, removing all food and drinks and wiping out crisper drawers and shelves. Then empty and completely defrost your freezer
  • Drain any liquid from your washing machine, ice maker, iron, garden hose and sprayers. Leave these appliances to thoroughly dry out overnight so that water does not leak through and damage your other treasures
  • Install washing machine ‘shipping bolts’ to prevent transit damage
  • Confirm your gas, electricity and water metres at your old address are scheduled for reading and disconnection. Also confirm that all these utilities are scheduled to be connected at your new address
  • If you have time (and already have keys), call in and check that everything is clean and organised at your new home. You might want to give the kitchen and bathroom cupboards a clean or vacuum the bedrooms and living room.

We know it’s hard, and your mind is probably running a mile-a-minute with everything you’ve got to do, but if you’ve followed our day before moving checklist you’ll be well-prepared for tomorrow. Try to get a good night’s sleep so that you’re well rested and raring to go on moving day!

Our Hottest Tips for Moving Day?

Check, check, and re-check. Print out a last-minute task list to do when moving from this moving checklist and tick them off as you complete them. Check that you have maps, itineraries, floor plans and instructions ready for you, your helpers and your professional removalists. Check that you’ve packed everything, and that you have your ‘Essentials Kit’ and ‘Mini Toolbox’ ready to go. Check that your car has petrol, coolant and oil. Check that your babysitter and pet sitter are still ready to go. Check as many things as you can to ensure that tomorrow is as stress-free as possible.

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Add Kent Removals & Storage on Your Checklist!

In the flurry of preparations leading up to moving day, it’s crucial to have a reliable partner by your side to ensure a smooth transition. Kent Removals & Storage has a stellar reputation for making moves stress-free and efficient. Whether you need assistance with packing, storage, pet, vehicle or a range of settling-in services designed to ease the burden, Kent is here to support you every step of the way.

To experience the Kent difference and enjoy a seamless move, start by requesting an instant quote or give us a call at 13 55 31. Your peace of mind is just one click or call away. Your journey to a new home has never been easier.

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