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A moving out list guides your planning. After all, it’s careful preparation that makes moving house a success. If you’re wondering how to move house, or where to begin, you aren’t alone. In this mini-series, Kent Removals shares all our best tips on moving house.

Why Plan So Early?

There are definite pressures to moving. Homeowners and renters alike find relocating a nerve-wracking life experience, and even though 8 weeks seems like a long time, it’ll go by in a flash. While choosing professional removalists like Kent offers peace of mind, it’s just plain smart to be well prepared. Whether you’re moving locally, moving interstate or even moving overseas, having a plan in place will ease the pressure considerably.

Even the most seasoned movers need help to move house, so we’ve created a full set of moving checklists for you to use. You’ll find each moving list includes packing tips and moving tips, as well as other helpful ideas. The Kent House Moving Checklist Library guides you step-by-step through moving house—from two months out, right up to moving day. You might even want to begin by downloading a free copy of our handy Packing Tips, Cleaning Tips, and Moving Do’s and Don’ts checklists.

So whether you’ve moved many times before, or you’re getting a start and putting together your first moving out of home list, there’s no such thing as being too prepared!

Two Months to Moving Day

Start 2 months prior to moving day and follow this house moving checklist to help ensure a successful move:

  • You’ll want to keep a record of all your moving expenses. So start creating an itemised, written budget now
  • So that you know where to find all your moving documents, store all your quotes, receipts, moving checklists and other paperwork together in a central folder
  • Investigate your choices and book a removalist, even if your actual moving house date hasn’t been finalised yet. It’s important you:
    • Only invite quotes from skilled professional removalists. The risk of things going wrong, accidents or damage is just too high otherwise
    • Know how much you’ve got to move, over what distance, the time of the day and day of the week you’ll be moving, for starters. You’ll need to plan for moving items like pianos or pool tables and anything that needs special handling (such as pets or vehicles)
    • Get an accurate quote, which is the best way to avoid unexpected additional costs. Good quality removalists like Kent Removals have a consultant who can make an in-home visit. Alternatively, you can collate information yourself and use a comprehensive phone consultation service.
  • If you need short or long-term storage for household goods or larger items, now is a good time to arrange it. Ask Kent how to save up to 50% on self-storage costs
  • Get quotes and book in vehicle transport for any cars, campervan, boat of trailer you may be moving
  • Make a visit to the vet and get a copy of the health records for any feathered, furred or finned family members. Make moving house easy on pets with door-to-door pet transport
  • If you’re planning new furniture for a new home, order now and arrange delivery to your new address. If possible try and get measurements of the dimensions of your new home, this will make choosing appropriately sized furniture far easier. Get measurements of the wall space as well so you can decide on wall furnishings
  • You’ll need somewhere to stay if there’s any time between moving out day and moving in at your new address. It’s time to book accommodation and make any travel arrangements
  • It may be hard to remember all the address changes you need to notify after moving house. So start collecting sender information from your mail now
  • Arrange for a secure, waterproof and fireproof receptacle to hold important documents. Start a household items checklist for things like birth certificates, wills, house titles and other important documents. Gather them up and store them inside your safe container
  • Sort through belongings and household items (to decide what’s moving house with you) and determine anything to be sold, donated or discarded. This could include:
    • Empty wardrobes and storage cupboards inside the house
    • Clean out the garage, garden shed, roof space and other areas not often used
    • Sell any unwanted goods by classified ad, garage sale or online
    • If you have a lot of rubbish, book a skip or hard waste collection.
  • Organise assistance early by calling in all those favours from friends. Too many volunteers on moving day can actually make things go slower but there can never be enough help when it comes to packing boxes
  • Start shopping for packing supplies now so you can get the best prices possible.
  • Research your new neighbourhood to gather lifestyle information, including the location of the closest supermarket, petrol station, medical centre and nearby recreation zones
  • Investigate local school choices, if you are moving to an entirely new area or a different city you will need to:
    • Enrol children in their new school
    • Introduce children to their new school, make sure they feel comfortable with the change of environment or ask for their input when choosing schools
    • Notify current school and arrange academic records transfer
    • Purchase school uniforms and textbooks.

Our Hottest Tip on Moving House with Two Months to Go?

Start today. You’ll save yourself stress, late rush and extra costs by beginning to plan and pack now. The next few weeks will fly past. All too soon you’ll have ticked off this moving house checklist!

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H2: Make your move with Kent Removals & Storage today!

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of checklist planning, don’t forget to put your trust in a reliable partner for relocations. Kent Removals & Storage has a proven track record of making moves stress-free and efficient. Get started today by requesting an instant quote on our website or by calling 13 55 31. Your peace of mind is just one click away.

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