Kylie McCall

Kylie McCall Kent Removals and Storage Blog Author

With over 22 years of industry experience, Kylie McCall of Kent Removals and Storage has successfully relocated over thousands of Australian families. Her expertise as Move Manager at Kent is backed with her experience in varied roles, such as Corporate Sales,  Internal Sales, Storage Specialist and Commerical Logistics. The array of diverse roles has enabled Kylie to gain valuable insights and apply a holistic approach to her working methods.

By understanding the unique needs of each client a Kylie performs and position a move with absolute care, making a new home feel like home.

Kylie’s top tips when moving home with kids:

  • Get your children excited about the move, allow them to pack their belongings.
  • Keep their favourite toys handy when in transit.
  • On move day have them stay with a relative/babysitter to avoid distress


Kylie McCall
Senior Move Manager
Kent Removals and Storage
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