Kent Storage Albury

Reliable Storage Solutions in Albury

Kent Storage is a reputable family-owned business providing our customers with smart, secure storage. We take the stress out of moving and relocating and have some of Australia’s best prices!

With over 75 years in the storage industry, Kent Storage has developed an extensive network covering all of Australia’s major cities, including Albury. No matter where you need us to pick up your belongings, we’re prepared to help you move.

We are happy to conveniently transport any possession of any size, including:

  • Furniture
  • Soft furnishings, including mattresses, couches, and chairs
  • Fragile glassware
  • Clothing and jewellery
  • Party supplies and holiday decor
  • Kids’ toys and furniture
  • Tools and wiring
  • Sports equipment
  • And much more!

How Kent Storage Albury Helps

At Kent Storage, everything we do is to make your move easier. Here’s how we do that.

Packing and Loading Services

Our diligent team carefully packs and loads your valuables in a way that keeps them safe. Thanks to our extensive history of helping over a million Australians, we’re familiar with the ins and outs of moving; we’re fast, efficient, and completely mindful of your things.

  • Professional Packing and Unpacking: We train our professional packers to assist with complete and partial fragile packing services. We’ll even unpack your things wherever we deliver them so you don’t have to do a thing.
  • Furniture Assembly and Disassembly: Our removalists have superior training to assist with furniture dismantlement prior to long-term storage. We’ll also re-assemble your furniture on delivery so you don’t have to.
  • Cleaning: Kent Storage will arrange for professional cleaning services that fit any budget.
  • Organising and Styling: We’ll also arrange styling services to increase the appeal of your home for sale.


Mobile Storage

We offer mobile storage options for those who prefer to pack and load at their own pace. However, we do offer our usual packing services in addition to the mobile container:

  • Loading: Mobile storage is easily sent to your door. You can pack, or we can do it.
  • Furniture Space: Mobile storage containers can fit the contents of a small one-bedroom unit.
  • Container Size: 2.09 metres x 1.69 metres x 2.26 metres
  • Cost: Price depends on how many storage units you require. Pickup and delivery fees apply.


Packing Boxes

We offer a range of individual boxes and box packages for any budget.

Many clients prefer Kent Storage to handle the packing job, especially for fragile items like crystalware, glasses, and mirrors. We provide a wide range of packing options designed to fit your budget and personal needs.


Do I Have to Use Kent Packing Materials?

No, you can use any moving boxes you’d like. Kent Storage boxes are durable and purpose-built for carrying heavy items. Please speak with our team about our range of inexpensive and recyclable moving box offerings.


Tips and Tricks for Moving

We understand how stressful it is to move. Over 75 years experience in creating seamless moving experiences allows us to provide various tips and tricks to keep yours as straightforward as possible.

Tailor your service with Kent

You decide what you need from us, and we'll happily do it.

You Pack

We send one or more of our mobile storage boxes to your address. You pack at your own pace. We pick them up when you're ready.

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We Pack

We send our expert team with supplies to pack valuables of all sizes and shapes. We have over 75 years of experience assisting over a million Australians, so we know what we're doing.

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Kent Storage has been helping Australians for decades for reasonable and fair prices. We're proud to boast some of the lowest prices in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Your closest Storage facility is at your front door

The Kent Storage Promise

Kent Storage Albury guarantees competitive pricing, superior security, a top-notch reputation, and all the convenience you could ever want in your move.


Competitive Pricing

We calculate our storage container rates based on the amount of space you need. Our mobile storage rates are based on the number of units you need. For more specific information, it’s best to speak with one of our staff members to obtain an accurate quote for your storage needs. We’re confident that we’ll offer the best rates you’ve ever seen.

Kent Storage accepts all major credit cards for storage payments, including Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. For ongoing monthly payments, you’ll need to set up a bank account for direct debit.


Security and Protection

Kent Storage uses reinforced steel containers built with the sole purpose of keeping your belongings safe from all threats. They are completely enclosed and locked for safekeeping before we transport them back to our secure storage facilities.

Unlike self-storage solutions, we don’t let your belongings stay exposed to the elements, dust, or vermin. We also bring the container to you, reducing the risks and costs associated with double handling.

We use advanced security monitoring systems that keep track of your effects every hour of every day. Our alarm systems keep track of fire and theft risks.


Reputation and Experience

Kent Storage:

  • Delivers award-winning service
  • Has over 75 years of experience
  • Satisfies its customers
  • Does its part for the environment
  • Has the trust of 2 million Australians
  • Is 100 percent Australian-owned

We store your belongings in a purpose-built, state-of-the-art warehouse fully equipped with back-to-base alarms, CCTV with facial recognition, regular pest control, and fire monitoring and control. We strictly prohibit the general public from entering our buildings, unlike self-storage unit facilities shared by many people.


Convenience and Flexibility

Kent Storage lets you store almost anything in your container, including:

  • household furniture and belongings
  • garden tools and equipment
  • excess office furniture and equipment
  • archived office documentation
  • surplus business inventory and stock
  • vehicles at select warehouses

Please note that we cannot store hazardous and flammable goods, live plants and animals, perishable goods, toxic or contaminated items, firearms, or explosives.

You can store items with Kent Storage for as long as you need. We provide short- and long-term storage without contract lock-in. Feel free to extend your storage period or ask us to redeliver your goods early at any time.

About Kent Storage

Kent Storage started out as a family business in 1946 and has since continued to maintain these tight-knit roots despite our continent-sprawling network. In over 75 years of working with millions of Australians, we have delivered superior storage solutions to all kinds of customers, including:

  • Families relocating
  • Couples downsizing
  • Simple decluttering jobs

Our reputation allows us to commit to sustainable, ethical work practices at affordable prices. We’ve grown our business but haven’t changed our goal: to provide the best possible service at the best possible rates in the Southern Hemisphere.


Our Rates

We can provide you an accurate, tailored quote based on your storage needs and the various deals and discounts we may be able to offer.

  • Discount for paying upfront: If you pay the full amount of your services upfront, you pay less. It’s a fantastic way to save even more money.
  • No hidden fees: We don’t believe in hidden costs. At Kent Storage, we always show the full cost upfront so you can make your budget adjustments.
  • Long-term storage deals: If you need long-term storage for an extended period, we are prepared to offer you the chance to save even more money.

Kent Storage puts the ease back into moving. Contact us today!

Kent Storage offers the best Albury storage solution, bringing over 75 years of industry-leading experience to the table. We are confident that we have one of the best most secure, cheapest, and easiest storage solutions available in the Southern Hemisphere.

Easier, Cheaper, and More Secure Than Self-Storage

Our expert removalists are prepared to travel anywhere in Australia to carefully inventory, condition report, wrap, pack, and deliver all of your things to one of our safe warehouses in the area. At your request, we’re happy to conveniently and carefully deliver and add new items to your storage or redeliver specific items or entire containers to any location overseas. We do all of this and more for less money and more safety than anyone else.

Why Choose Kent for Albury Storage?

Kent Storage’s cheaper rates and superior security means fewer headaches and less stress. When you can get all of this and more for as little as half the cost of self-storage units, why wouldn’t you want Kent Storage for your Albury needs?

You’re just a phone call away: Get in touch with us to arrange for your things to be packed and picked up for a trip to your storage unit. We can also redeliver your things, in part or whole, to any location in the world with the help of our storage experts.

Kent Storage puts the ease back into moving. Our experts removalists travel anywhere in Australia to:

  • Create free inventory and condition reports as well as receipts and dispatch records. These help you track your things and manage your storage unit remotely.
  • Professionally wrap your belongings for protection, especially soft furnishings like chairs, mattresses, and couches, using heavy-duty Kent-supplied removals-grade plastic. These industry supplies keeps your things safe from mildew, dirt, dust, and moisture while in storage.
  • Carefully and mindfully pack, stack, and load your items into our purpose-built, reinforced steel containers. By bringing the container to you, we eliminate the risks and costs associated with double handling during storage and transit. Not only that, but you also get to sit back and relax while we take care of everything.
  • Pack and pick up your things from in Albury or anywhere else in Australia, whether you need us to travel to your home, office, or current storage unit.
  • Deliver your things to our safe, state-of-the-art, purpose-built storage warehouses for as little or as long as you need. We give you full peace of mind in the knowledge that you are using one of the most secure storage solutions available anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Conveniently and carefully redeliver any or all of your belongings to another local, interstate, or overseas location. Never again will you have to hire your own moving truck or go to another storage warehouse.

Kent Storage does most or all of the work so you don’t have to think about it anymore. We make it easy!

Kent Storage is More Secure Than Self-Storage

We go above and beyond to provide superior security to Albury compared to self-storage facilities:

  • Our warehouses have more robust security measures than self-storage, especially because they’re private facilities that do not allow public entry.
  • Our purpose-built containers are sealed, unlike self-storage units that commonly have large-diametre wire mesh covering the top of plywood boxes. These meshes stand little chance of stopping vermin, dust, or thieves from getting through.
  • We use reinforced steel to build our containers stored inside buildings protected with 24/7 CCTV security monitoring. Compare this to self-storage facilities that leave your things in wooden boxes with flimsy locks; Kent Storage is the clear winner.
  • Our professional packers have expert training to skillfully and efficiently pack away your belongings. The onus is on you to figure out the best and safest way to arrange your things without damaging them with self-storage.


Our Unique Four-Level Security System

Kent Storage has developed a robust security system over the decades, designed to ensure the safety of your belongings. Every Kent customer benefits from our unique process because we understand the amount of trust you’ve put in us to keep your things safe. Security is always our number one priority.


Security Level One: Customised Wrapping

Kent Storage’s Guardian Wrapping System includes:

  • Expert removalists with industry training
  • Boxes specifically designed to protect large items that are hard to pack
  • Professional packing blankets to keep fragile items intact
  • Heavy-duty plastic covers that keep moisture out of soft furnishings, including chairs, couches, and mattresses
  • Custom crates built to protect valuable items like artwork
  • Comprehensive labelling process and inventory recording


Security Level Two: Purpose Built Containers

With self-storage, it’s your responsibility to pack your things into the container yourself. With Kent Storage, our professional packers load your items right into steel storage containers at your home. We then load these containers into our warehouses using cranes and forklifts; this process reduces the expenses and dangers of double handling.

Our containers are:

  • Built with purpose. They safeguard all of your treasures in storage and in transit.
  • Made of steel. They deliver superior protection from all angles.
  • Accessible. Customised doors allow entry from both ends.


Security Level Three: Superior Storage Facilities

Our advanced undercover warehouses ensure the best security in the Southern Hemisphere. We are proud to have facilities that are:

  • Completely private as they strictly prohibit public entry
  • Climatised
  • Protected with round-the-clock CCTV security and fire monitoring
  • Equipped with back-to-base alarms
  • Entirely free from pests, dust, and outdoor exposure
  • State-of-the-art structures built with purpose


Security Level Four: Storage Insurance

We can arrange your moving and storage insurance coverage through our Customer Goods in Transit and Storage Insurance Policy.
Our comprehensive policy covers the whole removals process; from the minute we pack your treasures, right up until you sign for the delivery of your boxes.
Our range of insurance options include:

  • Ultimate Cover and Premium Cover
  • Pairs and sets
  • Mechanical and electrical derangement

Relevant Insurance Document

Albury, NSW and Other General Moving & Storage Information

Albury, New South Wales has a population of 51,722. The Albury postcode is 2640 and surrounded by suburbs: Albury East, Albury, Ettamogah, Glenroy, Hamilton Valley, Lavington, Lake Hume Village, North Albury, South Albury, Splitters Creek, Springdale Heights, Table Top, Thurgoona, West Albury and Wirlinga.

The median property house price in Albury is $547,500. The distance from Albury to the closest Kent Storage facility in Albury is approximately 14.7 km.

Albury is well serviced by public transport and lifestyle amenities. There are several local schools, various shopping precincts and the area enjoys a selection of healthcare providers.

Storage around Albury, NSW Fast Facts

  • Albury Postcode: 2640
  • State: New South Wales, (NSW)
  • Other 2640 Suburbs:
    • East Albury
    • South Albury
    • North Albury
    • West Albury
  • Surrounding Suburbs:
    • Albury East
    • Albury
    • Ettamogah
    • Glenroy
    • Hamilton Valley
    • Lavington
    • Lake Hume Village
    • North Albury
    • South Albury
    • Splitters Creek
    • Springdale Heights
    • Table Top
    • Thurgoona
    • West Albury
    • Wirlinga
  • Median House Price: $547,500
  • Distance from Albury to Kent Removals & Storage Albury: 14.7 km or 16 minutes by car
  • Distance from Albury to Albury CBD: 16 km or 19 minutes by car
  • Population: 51,722
  • Population Density: 166 people per square km
  • Local Government Area: City of Albury
  • State Electorates:
    • Albury
  • Federal Electorate: Farrer
  • Relevant Albury links:……