Packing Materials

Kent provides a complete range of affordable packing materials to help you prepare and take care of your treasures for storage.

Bundled Packages Available

Please be advised that the above packs are based on standard items in average sized homes. There may be certain moving boxes or customer boxes that you still may require. Speak to one of our Storage team members of explore below the additional and customised packing solutions available.

Our Complete Range of Packing Materials Available

Kent provide a complete range of recyclable moving boxes and materials to help make your move easy.

  • Bits & Pieces Pak

    $3.50 inc GST
    • L417 x W142 x D442mm
  • Fashion Pak (Tall)

    $15.00 inc GST
    • L480 x W445 x D1333mm
    • Fashion Paks come with bar
  • Packing Paper

    $25.00$40.00 inc GST
    • Half Bundle (375 sheets, 7.5kg)
    • Full Bundle (750 sheets, 15kg)
  • Packing Tape

    $4.00 inc GST
  • LCD TV Pak (Large)

    $92.00 inc GST
    • Base L1960 x W300 x D500mm
    • Lid 1980 x W320 x D1246mm
  • LCD TV Pak (Medium)

    $80.00 inc GST
    • Base L1520 x W300 x D400mm
    • Lid L1542 x W322 x D994mm
  • LCD TV Pak (Small)

    $63.00 inc GST
    • Base L1120 x W300 x D300mm
    • Lid L1142 x W322 x D764mm
  • Flexi-art Pak (Large)

    $7.50$67.50 inc GST
    • L936 x W78 x D785 mm
  • Flexi-art Pak (Small)

    $6.50$58.50 inc GST
    • L758 x W77 x D660 mm
  • Fashion Pak (mini)

    $12.00$108.00 inc GST
    • L480 x W445 x D991 mm
    • Fashion Paks come with bar
  • Bottle Pak

    $4.50$40.50 inc GST
    • L457 x W163 x D372 mm
    • Bottle Paks come with inserts
  • Readers Pak

    $3.50$31.50 inc GST
    • L380 x W302 x D325
  • Treasure Pak

    $6.00$54.00 inc GST
    • L445 x W368 x D649 mm

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Can I have Kent perform the packing and loading of my Storage Container?

    Yes. Our professionally trained removalists are trained to ISO standards and are dedicated to service excellence in the care and attention when handling your prized possessions.
  • Do I have to use Kent Packing materials?

  • Can Kent provide part packing services for my fragile items?