Our Awards and Accreditations

As part our stringent industry standards and requirements, Kent is committed to the following guidance structure:

Best Practice

To deliver an offering that exceeds best practice and customer requirements.


To ensure that our employees and subcontractors know how to comply, always.


To define objectives, structure, responsibilities and authorities.


To document activities for confirmation and record-keeping purposes.

Global Compliance Certification. ISO 27001 Certified.

  • Privacy and Security are key aspects of Kent data management systems
  • Our global compliance helps protect clients’ data from cyber threats
  • Ensures proper assessment and treatment of any information security risks

Endorsed Quality Management Systems, ISO 9001

  • Kent employees provide attentive and reliable service every step of the journey
  • Continuous improvement is underpinned by quality as an ongoing process
  • Commitment to resolving all issues promptly
  • Strong, responsive management and commitment from all employees

Endorsed Environment Management Systems, ISO 14001

  • We plan and conduct activities with a view to protecting and conserving the natural environment and employee health
  • Our environmental management system meets or surpasses national and community expectations
  • Environmental goals include establishing, and regularly reviewing, measurable objectives and targets, in accordance with our annual Environmental Management Plan
  • We aim for continual environmental improvement, the prevention of pollution and compliance with all legal and relevant requirements

Endorsed OHS Management System, ISO 45001

Kent provides an endorsed occupational health and safety work environment for all employees, contractors, customers and visitors. Our OHS policy includes:

  • The provision and maintenance of the workplace in a safe and secure condition
  • Active involvement in the development, promotion and implementation of health and safety policies and procedures
  • Training employees in the safe performance of their assigned tasks
  • Provision of resources to meet our health and safety commitments

Endorsed Integrated Management System, ISO 4801/14001/9001

In combination of all sustainable certifications as per above, Kent is committed to a safe, sustainable and compliant business, nationally.

Australian Business Awards

  • Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction
  • Aligning our values with those of our customers
  • Attentive, caring, friendly and reliable employees