Comprehensive Insurance Products

Kent provides affordable Insurance options to protect you against the unexpected when moving and storing your treasures.

Kent Storage Insurance

Kent Storage Insurance

It’s important to have the peace of mind knowing that if any unforeseen events arise, or accidental damage occurs, you’re covered by insurance.

Why Choose Kent Insurance?

We understand the importance of protecting you and your family. In consultation with our insurance broker, we can arrange Insurance to cover risks associated with moving and storage of your items.


Straightforward, easy-to-understand and simple to arrange.


Your choice of risk cover options, protection level, valuation method and excess.


Select a protection level, excess and premium to work within your budget.


Easy in-house claim procedure should the need arise.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Do I Need Insurance on a Kent Storage Unit?

    Our unique Four-Level Secure Storage System is designed to offer maximum protection to your items in storage, and when being transported to our storage facilities or returned to you. However, there is always a risk of unpredictable events beyond our control, which is why we also offer our Storage Insurance for additional peace-of-mind. We recommend you speak to your Storage consultant to explain the level of Insurance cover that is available and may best suit your individual circumstances.
  • Are my goods automatically covered under Kent’s Insurances?

  • What does your Insurance cover?

  • How Much Do Kent Storage Units Cost Per Month?