8 Best Tips On How To Pack Pillows For Moving

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How To Pack Pillows For Moving

If you’re moving house, you’re probably worried about keeping your fragile items, such as glasses, crockery, ornaments and artwork safe, but what about your pillows? They may seem like the can handle a beating because they’re soft, but they can be damaged by the rigours of a move, particularly if you’re dealing with cushions covered in delicate or ornate fabric. Packing pillows requires care, so follow this step-by-step procedure on how to pack pillows to ensure your pillows and cushions get first-class treatment they deserve.

Step 1: Sort through your pillows to decide which you’ll pack

Step 2:  Set aside old pillows to use as packing material

Step 3: Invest in quality wrapping material

Step 4: Carefully wrap each individual pillow

Step 5: Use wrapped pillows to protect other items

Step 6: Make unwrapping your pillows a priority

Step 7: Air out your pillows

Step 8: Donate or discard old pillows

Step 1: Sort Through Your Pillows to Decide Which You’ll Pack

Before you begin packing pillows and cushions, sort through all your pillows to determine which you need to pack. We suggest creating two unique ‘categories’:

  1. Old pillows that you no longer use, need or want
  2. Pillows and cushions that you use daily or are key to your home decor.

Decluttering your pillow collection will make the rest of the packing much easier. So, it’s worth devoting some time to this process.

Step 2:  Set Aside Old Pillows To Use As Packing Material

Be sure to set aside the first category of pillows (old pillows that you no longer use, need or want) in a safe place to use as packing material. Old pillows and cushions are perfect as packing material and can be used to protect fragile or delicate items. For example, you can an old pillow to:

  • Protect the glass on a mirror
  • Wrap around the frames of artwork
  • Protect the legs of chairs and tables.

Step 3: Invest in Quality Wrapping Material

You will need to devote time and care to wrapping and packing the pillows and cushions you wish to take with you to your new home. The biggest secret behind how to pack pillows for moving is investing in quality wrapping material. To wrap your pillows properly, you need:

  • Breathable plastic wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Clean pillowcases.

Step 4: Carefully Wrap Each Individual Pillow

Once you have gathered your packing materials, follow a careful packing procedure:

  1. Brush any dust and dirt off pillows. Be sure to use a vacuum cleaner if you can’t brush debris off by hand
  2. Place each pillow inside a clean pillowcase
  3. Wrap each pillow individually in breathable plastic wrap, taking care not to wrap too tightly. If you wrap a pillow too tightly, you can permanently alter its shape.
  4. Use packing tape to secure the bundle.

Step 5: Use Wrapped Pillows to Protect Other Items

As this wrapping method affords superior protection to your pillows, you can then use them to protect other items in your shipment.

For example, if you have a box full of glasses or plates, you can place a wrapped pillow at the top of the box to provide cushioning for your glasses and plates. Just make sure that you don’t stack anything on top of a box that has been topped with a wrapped pillow, or you could damage its shape.

Alternatively, you can pack your wrapped pillows inside the drawers of cupboards, bed-side tables and dressers. Your pillows will remain safe inside the drawers, and provide cushioning for your drawers while they’re in transit to your new home.

Step 6: Make Unwrapping Your Pillows a Priority

You should unwrap your pillows as soon as you arrive at your new address. The longer your pillows remain wrapped up, the more chance there is of them building up a musty odour that can take weeks to remove.

To make unwrapping your pillows a priority, simply mark the boxes in which they packed as ‘High Priority’.

Step 7: Air Out Your Pillows

To ensure your pillows are as fresh as possible, you may wish to consider airing them out before use. Simply place your pillows outside in full sun if possible. The fresh air will help to remove any musty scents, while the sunlight can help kill may of the tiny pests that live inside pillows.

Step 8: Donate or Discard Old Pillows

If you aren’t planning on moving house again in the near future, sell or discard your old pillows. There’s no point keeping them around in case you move again. They’ll just clutter up your new home, and chances are they’ll be in poor condition after being wrapped around your other belongings and shoved in the back of a moving truck.

Follow this step by step process on packing pillows for moving, and not only will you your pillows arrive at your new address in perfect condition, they can also be useful in protecting your other valuables along the way. Remember, Kent Removals and Storage provides an end-to-end removals service. We can take care of everything, including wrapping, packing, unpacking and even setting up all of your belongings, so your new home is ready for you to enjoy without you having to lift a finger.

8 Best Tips On How To Pack Pillows For Moving


8 Best Tips On How To Pack Pillows For Moving
8 Best Tips On How To Pack Pillows For Moving

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