Removals and Storage Essential Services

Moving or Decluttering? Secure Storage Is an Essential Service

There’s no doubt about the fact that COVID-19 has severely impacted how our society works and how we have had to change the way we do things. Some things we don’t have to stop though. Storage and moving are an essential service meaning they can still be performed within the framework of government regulations and safety practices. People can still move home and put their belongings in storage. Even if you’re shifting your home around and putting some furniture in storage to make room to work from home, knowing that it can be done is reassuring. Our lives have changed, and we have to adapt. Kent Removals & Storage will help you do just that with the same hassle-free service we’ve provided for decades.

Health and Safety

In the name of safety, we are now focussed on more than the security of your belongings, we are also focussed on the safety of you, your family, and our staff. To keep everyone healthy we ensure that our removal specialists are wearing masks and gloves at all times, using hand sanitiser regularly and maintain social distance at all times. We also limit social interactions by no longer shaking hands. When the Kent team arrive, we would kindly request you wear a mask, as we do.  Kent Relocation Group treats the well-being of our customers and our staff as a priority, and take all precautions to ensure safety.

Another very important aspect of keeping you and your family safe is that of your boxes and other packing equipment. To prevent contamination, we will no longer be accepting second-hand boxes, but we can provide you with whatever boxes and packing materials you need.

Australian Government Restrictions

The Australian government as declared removalists exempt from many of the travel restrictions and quarantine requirements which have been put in place. We do however need to be conscious of the fact that changes can and will occur. There are restrictions which may apply to the movement of you and your family, which you will need to adhere to.

To further ensure the efficiency of our service, it is important to keep abreast of developments when it comes to any new movement measures put in place and limit the spread of COVID-19. We are in touch with regulatory agencies to adapt to any changes which may occur. To this end, we will also inform you of any changes.

An Essential Service and a Simple Storage Solution

Kent Removals & Storage services remain simple and easy to use. Despite the pandemic, we are still able to store and move your belongings throughout Australia.

Our storage services include:

  • Creating a detailed inventory
  • Wrapping up your items
  • Packing your boxes safely
  • Picking up your boxes from anywhere in Australia
  • Storing your boxes and belongings securely
  • Redelivering your belongings when you’re ready to take some or all of it back

How to Start the Storage Process

Notwithstanding the additional safety measures, we are still operating efficiently. We do however need to take into account that some service providers have to operate with fewer staff members. To prepare for any potential delays, we advise getting in touch with us in advance of your move and storage plans. From there we can advise you regarding timelines and help you plan ahead to avoid delays.

The next important thing; ensuring your boxes are properly labelled so that we can move your belongings more efficiently while limiting interaction between all parties. This simple solution is just one more way we can keep you, your family and our staff safe and healthy.

During a time of such uncertainty, it’s best to keep things as simple as possible. We do just that by keeping up to date with changes in restrictions, planning ahead and wearing safety equipment. If you need any additional information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.