How to Move Interstate With COVID-19

How to Move Interstate With COVID-19

Unlike moving to a new house locally or within the same state or territory, moving interstate during any stage of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) related restrictions is a little more complicated. This is primarily the result of border entry restrictions being enacted by certain states/territories. Removalists are currently exempt from these restrictions in all states, but this only applies to moving your household contents to your new home; the exemptions do not apply to you and your family, and your ability to settle in at your new address with ease is influenced by each state’s own regulations.

The general recommendation to delay or postpone a house move at this time is more applicable to interstate moves, but with the same understanding that this isn’t always possible for any number of reasons. The steps on how to move house with COVID-19 that we previously outlined still apply to interstate house moves, but with Step 1 requiring much more attention. Especially important is being aware that state/territory restrictions can change at any time, not only when a state decides to shift to a new stage or level of restrictions, but also in terms of changing the conditions for specific restrictions. So, what applies to moving interstate today may not apply when your actual move takes place.

With removals being a core component of our business, Kent maintains contact with key agencies involved with regulatory changes, so we are always aware of new or changing regulations or restrictions that apply to freight and logistics services. When you book your interstate house move with us, we will discuss any restrictions that could affect your move, while also discussing possible solutions to these; and if you’ve already booked and scheduled an interstate move with us, we will contact you as soon as any new restrictions are announced – or existing restrictions are eased – helping to keep you informed throughout every step of your house move.

To lighten the burden of having to move interstate with COVID-19 restrictions in place, we have compiled a brief summary of border entry restrictions for each state, as they relate to moving house.


Moving Interstate to New South Wales

Moving house is allowed according to the current What you can and can’t do rules. Removalists will be able to move your household contents to your new NSW home, regardless of which Australian state or territory you are moving from. Additionally, there are currently no self-isolation restrictions in place for interstate border entry, and you will not need to present any Arrival Forms or Border Passes.


Moving Interstate to ACT

There are currently no self-isolation restrictions or requirements for interstate border entry, along with no need for Arrival Forms or Border Passes to be presented. Kent removalists will be able to deliver your belongings to your new home, and you and your family will be able to settle in with minimal fuss.


Moving Interstate to Victoria

No self-isolation requirements or restrictions currently apply for interstate border entry into Victoria, and you will not need to produce a Border Pass or Arrival Form. House relocation is specifically exempted from current restrictions, so neither you nor our removalists should be affected, even when moving from another state/territory.


Moving Interstate to South Australia

A requirement for self-isolation or self-quarantine for a period of 14 days was implemented on 24 March 2020, applying to all persons arriving in South Australia from anywhere outside of South Australia. No end date for this requirement has been given at this stage. Checking points have been set up, and you will be required to provide police at these points with your details, including the South Australian address where you will be self-quarantining. You will only be allowed to leave this address when needing medical care or in an emergency situation during your 14-day self-isolation. Our removalists are exempt from this requirement, so they will be able to deliver your household contents to your new home.


Moving Interstate to Western Australia

Western Australia also implemented a mandatory 14-day self-isolation requirement on 24 March 2020 for anyone arriving in WA from any location outside of WA. However, on 5 April 2020, a temporary closure of the border was also implemented with no date set yet for the re-opening of the border. While our removalists are exempt from both these restrictions, you and your family are not. If you will be relocating to Western Australia when the border is still closed, you will need to apply for an exemption allowing you to enter WA – but with no guarantee that it will be granted. It is recommended that you apply for exemption well in advance of any planned move to WA, giving you enough time to make alternate arrangements if your exemption request is not approved. If you are allowed to enter WA, your self-isolation can be carried out in an address of your choice – possibly the address you are moving to – but you cannot leave the selected premises for 14 days except for medical care or in an emergency situation. You will also need to present an Arrival Form, which can be printed out and completed ahead of time. It should also be noted that regional travel restrictions also apply in Western Australia, regulating when and how you can travel across regional boundaries within the state. The degree of restriction varies according to the region.


Moving Interstate to Northern Territory

As of 1 April 2020, all non-essential travellers arriving in the Northern Territory need to produce a Border Arrival Form, and will be subject to a 14-day forced quarantine, with exemption granted only under very limited circumstances. However, unlike other states/territories, this forced quarantine is carried out in designated locations, not an address of your choosing, with accommodation expenses covered by you. This needs to be factored into your plans if you do not qualify for exemption and cannot delay your interstate move to Northern Territory. Our removalists are exempt from these restrictions; however, it is suggested that you schedule the delivery of your household contents for only after your forced quarantine has ended.


Moving Interstate to Queensland

The Queensland Government tightened border entry restrictions from 3 April 2020, with only Queensland residents and qualifying exempt persons being allowed to cross the border into Queensland, regardless of where they are travelling from. If you are moving to Queensland to make it your permanent place of residence, you will be considered an exempt person, but will need to apply for a Queensland Entry Pass. You will also be expected to self-isolate or self-quarantine for a 14-day period, with it being possible to do this in your new home in Queensland. Kent removalists are exempt from these restrictions and will be able to deliver your household contents to your new address without any unnecessary delays.


Moving Interstate to Tasmania

Tasmania has enacted strict quarantine requirements for non-essential travellers arriving in Tasmania, including Australians moving to Tasmania. You will also need to complete an Arrivals Form ahead of your travel. As with other states or territories that have implemented similar restrictions, the quarantine period is 14 days, but can only be carried out in accommodation provided for by the Tasmanian Government. The basic costs for this accommodation, including meals and one laundry service, is covered by the Tasmanian Government. You will not be allowed to leave your room or receive visitors during the 14-day period. Our removalists are exempt from the quarantine requirements; however, if you are moving to Tasmania you will only be able to access your new home after your quarantine has ended. You can either arrange for your household contents to be delivered after your quarantine has ended, or if you know someone in Tasmania you can have them open your home for the delivery of your belongings on your behalf. Kent Removals & Storage does have storage facilities in Tasmania where your belongings can be kept until you are ready to receive them. Worth noting is that the Spirit of Tasmania is currently prioritising bookings for returning Tasmanian residents, freight, and qualifying essential travellers, which could result in delays for you and your family if this was your intended route to Tasmania.

Regardless of any restrictions being enforced by different states or territories, standard good hygiene and social-distancing practices should always be followed, and you should continually monitor the COVID-19 site of the state or territory you are planning on moving to for any changes or updates.

In our more than 75 years of operation, a top priority for Kent Removals & Storage has always been to make local, interstate, and overseas moves as easy and as hassle-free as possible. The extraordinary circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak hasn’t changed that, as we continue to strive to make interstate moves possible during this time. If you are planning to move interstate in the near future, contact our expert Move Consultants to learn more about our services, and the steps we can take with you to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible. And if you’ve already scheduled an interstate move with us, your dedicated Move Consultant is always available to answer your questions and provide updates on any new restrictions that could affect you.