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This moving house checklist is about getting organised, now that you’re well and truly into the business end of moving. Moving tips and packing tips are still handy at this stage of your relocation but, if you’ve been following our moving out of home checklists, packing should be well under control by now. When you look around at dismantled furniture and stacks of moving boxes, try not to feel discouraged. While weeks of effort have gone into moving house already, you have almost reached the finished line. And, if you’ve been following our moving house tips, then you should be well on your way a safe, secure, stress-free move.

No matter how organised you’ve been and how much groundwork you’ve put in up until this point, some tasks just have to wait until the week before moving day. This Week before Moving Day Checklist, the latest in our moving house checklist series, covers all the important, last minute tips on moving out.

If you’re feeling swamped and exhausted, speak with a Kent moving expert. If you’re moving locally or interstate, it may not be too late to gain Kent’s moving services…for peace of mind.

Last Minute Moving Tips One Week before Moving

  • Make arrangements with your solicitor or real estate agent to collect the keys to your new home
  • If you have purchased a new home, book a final inspection 24-48 hours before settlement to ensure that the property is in agreed order
  • Book a locksmith to change the locks at your new home on moving day, particularly if it was a rental property before you purchased it; you just never know who might still have keys
  • Arrange convenient parking and access for removalists at both your old and new homes. This may require contacting your local council, building manager or body corporate
  • Confirm all the important details with your removalist:
    • Old and new addresses, access details and mobile phone contacts
    • ‘Customer Acceptance’ of your moving agreement has been returned
    • Any additions or changes to your Removal Plan (including destination, settlement times, packing/unpacking requirements)
    • Storage and or transit insurance requirements and return of documents
    • Payment options and requirements.
  • Set aside a specially marked box in which to pack important smaller items (such as remote controls, keys and phone chargers). Make sure that this is the last box sealed and the first box opened (if you use Kent Removals professional packers, our team always uses a bright coloured ‘Bits & Pieces’ box)
  • Pack bedding and towels that will need to be used in your new house on moving day and label clearly. This should be one of the last boxes loaded onto the moving truck so that it is one of the first boxes unloaded
  • Photograph cords and connections before dismantling any computer equipment, AV or other electronics. This will help you reconnect your appliances quickly at the new house. If you’re unsure about reconnecting electronics, Kent Removals has a team of professionals that can supplies these types of valet services for you
  • If you are packing cosmetics, remember these handy packing tips:
    • Place a cotton ball or pad in powder cosmetic cases to prevent breaking up
    • Cover the top of open toiletries with glad wrap, then screw the lids back on.
  • As you continue to pack the last of your treasures, make sure that you are cleaning as you go. Try to work systematically, so that as you empty a cupboard or a shelf, you wipe it clean. This way, you know that entire rooms or sections of your house are completely finalised. For more cleaning tips, take a look at our End of Lease Cleaning Checklist
  • Lightly water indoor pot plants and pack into plastic lined boxes. Keep in mind that soil is heavy and can cause pots to crack under transit movement
  • Drain petrol and oil from any gardening tools and other motors (lawn mower, whipper snipper and other tools). For more information on transporting dangerous goods, be sure to see our Moving House Do’s and Don’ts Checklist
  • If you’re moving interstate or overseas, be sure to confirm any travel arrangements (such as flights) and accommodation bookings if you needing interim lodgings
  • Use the last of the food in your fridge, freezer and pantry rather than having to throw it away
  • Settle any outstanding utility bills and council rates.

Our Hottest Tip for Moving with One Week to Go?

Set ‘last on first off’ priorities. Life at your new home will start out smoothly if you can access essentials, make the bed and have a shower. Keep in mind that you’ll be sore and tired, after a long day of moving. So, as this moving checklist says, make sure you pack two very important boxes:

  • A ‘Bits and Pieces’ box, which should include all your essentials, from phone chargers and remote controls, right through to snacks and your kids favourite toys
  • A box with all the towels and linen you’ll need on the first night in your new home, so that you can easily have a shower and make the bed.

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