Santa Fe Wridgways and Kent Removals & Storage strike unique deal in the South Australian, central Queensland and north-west Western Australian markets

Melbourne 1 August 2016: Two of the nation’s leading tier 1 removal companies have forged a unique agreement in three regions of Australia, whereby each will engage the other to provide removal services. Santa Fe Wridgways and Kent Removals & Storage announced the new agreement today.

Santa Fe Wridgways will continue to sell removal services in the South Australian market, however the physical service – that is, the packing and moving of goods in that location – will be provided by Kent Removals & Storage. The reverse will hold in the central Queensland and north-west WA markets.

“This is a reciprocal arrangement that makes solid business sense for both companies. In a difficult South Australian market, it was unfavourable for Santa Fe Wridgways to continue to physically operate in Adelaide, yet we still have highly valued clients who require moving services. Through this agreement, we can offer our clients the same level of tier 1 service with Kent Removals & Storage,” said Andrew Simpson, Chief Executive Officer, Santa Fe Wridgways.

“Until now, we have never worked directly with another tier 1 provider in Australia. This new agreement with Kent is unique to the local market – one of our strongest rivals becomes our service provider and vice versa” he said.

Simpson is clear that the two companies remain competitors in all regions, and that all other business strategy remains separate. “This volume arrangement in select locations draws upon our respective service strengths and ultimately benefits the end customer.”

The agreement will allow both companies to operate more efficiently and serve customers at lower overall operational costs.

“Kent looks forward to providing Santa Fe Wridgways and their clients exceptional customer care and service within South Australia, whilst being able to offer our customers in central Queensland and north-west Western Australia with tier 1 service from Santa Fe Wridgways. It is an excellent opportunity to continue our removals and storage growth in Adelaide, and our reach into central Queensland and north-west Western Australia, expanding our national service offering” said Adam Blythe, CEO, Kent Removals & Storage.

“This service delivery arrangement makes strong customer service and commercial sense for both parties, whilst we continue to compete head-to-head in all facets of the marketplace to ensure the best outcomes for our customers”.

“Two icons of the Australian removal business having the vision, maturity and professionalism to deliver an overall net benefit to the customer – better quality of service.”