Kent Mobile Storage Unit

Traditional Storage vs Mobile Self Storage at Home

Downsizing, upgrading or decluttering your home or office? Putting your excess items into storage is a great way to keep them safe until you need them again—but which storage option is best? Each has its pros and cons, so finding the right one for you depends on what you need.

To make your decision a little easier, we’ve compared traditional storage vs mobile self storage solutions to help find your ideal storage option. These are two of the most popular storage solutions, so knowing the key differences will help you understand which one is right for storing your furniture, books, appliances, electronics, sporting equipment and more.

What is the Difference Between Traditional Storage and Portable Storage?

The main difference between traditional storage and portable (mobile storage) is convenience: Traditional storage is a fixed container at a facility, while portable storage means the storage unit comes to you.

Firstly, what is traditional storage? A traditional storage unit requires you to pack up your belongings and visit the storage facility to unload them. They’re typically designed to store the contents of a two-bedroom home, which may need several trips with a moving truck or van to relocate your goods.

A portable storage unit is delivered to you and can be taken away for off-site storage. They are typically big enough to store the contents of a one-bedroom apartment. With Kent, you can choose to load your items into the portable storage container or we can do it for you.

Why Would I Choose Traditional Storage?

You’re more likely to choose traditional storage if you have a lot to store as self-storage units are typically larger than portable shipping container self storage. There are other advantages to a traditional storage facility including:

  • CCTV cameras
  • Onsite security teams
  • Larger units

What are the Disadvantages of Traditional Storage?

There are some downsides to using a traditional storage unit, such as:

  • Having to pack and deliver your items to the unit
  • Unloading your items from the truck into the unit
  • Having to travel to the unit whenever you need something from storage
  • Cost—you pay for the whole unit space, whether it’s empty, full, or partially full (not to mention the added cost of hiring a truck to move everything!)

Why Choose Mobile Storage?

The thing about mobile storage units is they’re incredibly convenient. They combine the security of traditional storage units with the ease of home delivery. So how does it work exactly?

  • Simply let us know how many units you need
  • We deliver them, then
  • You can either load it up or have us do it for you

There’s no need for the additional cost of trucks to move your items to and from your storage unit, as it’s right there in your driveway or front yard. Talk about secure and easy storage at home!

Benefits of Kent mobile storage

Portable storage units are easier and more affordable than ever with Kent mobile storage solutions:

At your doorstep:

  • Enjoy doorstep delivery—no need to research trucks or hire a van.
  • Benefit from our price match guarantee*
  • Only pay for the space you need, with mobile storage pods that each provide one bedrooms’ worth of space.
  • Need some extra protective layers for your treasures? Use our complimentary blankets and protective plastics for added security for your furniture and valuables.
  • Pack with confidence‘ and do the packing/loading yourself, fitting into your lifestyle; budget and time constraints (or we can do it for you!)

Picked up and at our facility:

  • When your unit is packed and ready, it is picked up and moved to our high-security facility and fortified against fire, flood and theft, giving you complete peace of mind.
  • Your access, your rules. Access your belongings through mobile storage with a range of options like direct doorstep delivery; on-site visits and virtual inspections of your items once they are stored on our premises.
  • Peace of mind with tailored insurance options.

Things to consider for mobile storage

While mobile storage offers a whole host of benefits, it isn’t going to suit everyone at every stage. So it’s important to consider how much storage space you need. Kent mobile storage units are small to make them as convenient as possible, designed to fit the contents of a one-bedroom unit (approximately). Our mobile storage service is also only available in selected metro areas, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and our newest location, the Gold Coast.

If you need a larger storage space, then our container storage may be your preference. Talk to us today on how we can tailor a storage solution for you.

What is the storage box that comes to you?

You may have heard of storage boxes that come to you—this is our portable storage unit or mobile container solution! This means you can pack at your pace, enjoy the convenience of having your container at your door, and no-fuss pick up and drop-off.

Should I Use Mobile Storage or Traditional Self Storage?

This all depends on how much you need to store and your budget.

  • Storing less items than one-bedroom apartment—mobile storage
  • Flexibility and ease is important to you—mobile storage
  • You have a lot to store—Kent’s container storage

Whichever solution you need, Kent has the storage option to make it convenient, secure and cost-effective. Learn more about our storage solutions today or get a quote.