How to take apart a bed frame for storage image

Knowing how to take apart a bed frame is an essential part of placing a bed into storage. An assembled bed frame will take up far too much space in your storage unit. So, maximise your storage space by following these steps on how to disassemble a bed frame:

Step 1: Remove the pillows and linen

Step 2: Remove the mattress and base from the frame

Step 3: Systematically unscrew the headboard and footboard from the frame

Step 4: Remove the slats

Step 5: Place important parts in a clearly marked zip lock bag

Step 6: Wrap the headboard, footboard and bed frame

Step 7: Learn the secrets behind wrapping a mattress for storage.

Step 1: Remove the Pillows and Linen

The first step in how to take apart a bed frame is to remove all pillows and linen from the bed. Remove all pillows and linen, wrap them separately, and place them in good quality moving boxes or plastic tubs to keep them fresh and clean during transit and in storage.

Step 2: Remove the Mattress and Base from the Frame

This may seem like an obvious step when it comes to knowing how to disassemble a bed frame, but it is often overlooked. Always remove the mattress and base (or box spring) from the bed frame before you start taking the frame apart. If you start unscrewing things before you’ve removed the mattress and base, you can quickly hurt yourself and damage your bed.

Step 3: Systematically Unscrew the Headboard and Footboard from the Frame

The keyword here is ‘systematically’. Create some sort of system (and stick to it) when you first start unscrewing the headboard and footboard. We recommend using a numbering system as you remove each screw, give it a number and then place corresponding numbers next to each hole on the bed frame. You can do this by using masking tape and a pen.

Don’t rush through this step. Not only is that a great way to lose important pieces, it’s also the perfect way to get confused as to which screw goes where—you’ll find putting your bed back together a nightmare!

Step 4: Remove the Slats

Knowing how to take apart a wooden bed frame includes removing its slats. Chances are, your bed will include a series of slats between two rails on each side. If you’re lucky, all your slats will be joined together, and all you’ll need to do is roll them up. If they’re not joined, you’ll need to unscrew each one from the rails either side. We recommend using a numbering system here; give each slat a number, and label each position between the rails a corresponding number. If your slats aren’t all the same length, they might not slot back into just any old place.

Step 5: Place Important Parts in a Clearly Marked Zip Lock Bag

The next thing you must do to make reassembling your bed as easy as possible is place all the important parts, such as nuts, bolts, screws and any other small pieces, in a clearly marked zip-lock bag. Once inside, securely tape this zip lock to a section of the bed frame. Keep in mind that tape can leave a sticky residue on the surface of your frame, so it’s best to tape the bag to a non-visible part of the frame.

Step 6: Wrap the Headboard, Footboard and Bed Frame

The most important difference when it comes to knowing how to take apart a metal bed frame versus how to take apart a wooden bed frame is in the wrapping material used to protect the surface in storage.

Wooden furniture should never be wrapped in plastic long-term.  The plastic may shrink over time and damage the look of the wood. So, to protect a wooden bed frame, you need to firstly encase the frame in packing sheets or blankets and then wrap it in plastic.

For metal bed frames, you can wrap them in plastic storage wrap. During transit, it’s a good idea to throw some packing sheets and blankets over the top of a metal frame, to protect it from any scratches or dents along the way.

Step 7: Wrap the Mattress

Storage units are harsher environments than your bedroom. Protect your mattress against factors such as sudden temperature changes, dust, damp, mould, mildew and pests.  Make sure that you store your mattress flat on its back, in its natural position, so that its internal spring structure isn’t damaged. For more information on keeping your mattress tip top whilst in storage, read How to Store a Mattress.

This step-by-step process on how to take apart a bed frame will help ensure your frame is in as pristine condition as possible when you take it out of storage.