Moving to Melbourne – What to Expect With Melbourne Relocation

Melbourne is well-known as a place of vast variance – both in terms of weather and cultural demographics. If you are moving to Melbourne (from perhaps a quieter locale in Australia) you can expect quite the change, particularly when it comes to the city pace and cosmopolitan conditions.

Here’s what to expect when moving to Melbourne.

Have a game plan when moving to Melbourne

If you are planning on moving to Melbourne it’s wise to start finding out all there is to know, well before you get too far ahead of yourself. The key to a successful relocation is to be as organised as possible before you go. You will want to consider factors such as your likely commuting time for work purposes (inner city Melbourne can be very busy and expensive), population density (urban, suburban or rural), public transport access and community infrastructure.

Get to know the property market

Renting competition is known to be quite tough in Melbourne, that’s why it pays to make some inroads before you set any deadlines on your move. If you are moving to Melbourne from interstate it can be a bit difficult to secure a rental. That’s because a lot of real estate companies and private renters would like you to view the property in person. You might want to arrange some trips to Melbourne for the purpose of house-hunting alone.

It’s a good idea to set a price range for a rental property in your new location. Keep in mind there may well be a big difference in terms of what you can expect for your dollar. Check out to get an idea on median pricing and neighbourhood demographics. If you are looking to buy then this becomes even more critical. If you have any friends or contacts already living in Melbourne it’s always a good idea to make use of these as a support system, as local knowledge is often the best guide.  

Pack according to conditions

When you are ready to pack for the move to Melbourne, make sure you prepare for prevalent conditions. This should encompass all extremes, as Melbourne is infamous for it’s ‘four-seasons-in-one-day’ weather. You should make sure you pack a variety of clothing and supplies so you can be ready for anything that this city might throw at you temperature-wise!

You will want to bring a variety of clothing that allows you to layer your attire. That includes everything from light cardigans and sweaters to full-blown winter hiking gear such as inner fleece puffer jackets, scarves and mittens. Melbourne is also known for being quite rainy. It’s quite possible that a perfectly sunny day can quickly turn dark and the heavens may open without any warning! Make sure you bring a raincoat or umbrella and consider purchasing all-weather protection for your electronics.

Expect the unexpected

Melbourne is the city of change. Moving to this cultural melting pot does require careful research, planning and packing – but also greatly satisfies an appetite for adventure. With thriving art, cultural, sporting and foodie scenes, Melbourne is amazingly multi-layered with a brand new discovery on every street corner. Renowned restaurants, theatre, galleries, live gigs, and stadiums await. When it comes to moving to Melbourne you should always expect the unexpected.

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