Moving to a New House With a Dog?

Moving to a New House With a Dog

Moving to a new house with a dog is often more difficult than it sounds. This means that many movers don’t plan with their furry friends in mind, which can cause quite a bit of stress. With that said, there are simple things that can be done to help a dog adjusting to a new home. At Kent Removals & Storage, we have been assisting families with a range of specialist removalist services for over 75 years. So, if you’re looking for ways to help your dog adjusting to a new home, you’ve come to the right place.

Try to Maintain Routine

Dog anxiety when moving to a new home is completely natural. Pets can’t comprehend the change in scenery in the same way that humans can, and the experience of saying goodbye to their territory can be quite scary. So, in all of the changes and disorder that comes with moving to a new house with a dog, it’s important that you keep routine wherever possible. That way, your dog can still feel reassured and comforted by familiarity. Feeding times, walking times, playtimes; the closer you can keep these to their normal schedule, the better it will be for your pupper.

Keep Your Dog’s Old Stuff

One of the main things that people do when they move is get rid of all the things they don’t want to take with them. While this is fine and dandy for your junk and clutter, try to avoid throwing out any of your dog’s possessions. Dogs can become quite attached to old toys, blankets, bowls, etc. So, losing them at the same time that they lose their familiar surroundings will only cause unnecessary stress.

Plus, these old possessions can also help a dog adjusting to a new home more directly. By keeping these objects and having them in your new house, it will allow your dog to identify it as their home more quickly. Besides, who likes having their stuff thrown out without their permission?

Give Your Pup Lots of Love

Moving to a new house with a dog is a perfect chance to give your furry friend a lot of extra love and care. Pets will often be quite nervous with the amount of change and activity that goes into packing and moving, so a little extra affection can be very reassuring. This can include going on more walks, letting them sleep in your room, or even just a good cuddle every once in a while.

Understand Dog Anxiety Moving to a New Home

If your dog is being especially needy or emotional, try to understand things from their perspective. To them, outside of walks and the occasional trip, your house is likely their entire world. So, if they feel like everything they’ve become familiar with is being uprooted around them, they’re likely going to come to you for reassurance (see the tip above). Just remember that your dog is likely to settle down once they become more familiar with their new space.

Making the Move Simpler For Everyone

At Kent, we understand how stressful the moving process can be for pet and owner(s) alike. That’s why we offer a pet transport service; allowing you the peace of mind you need when transporting your canine companion. Plus, with our range of specialist removalist services, Kent Removals & Storage is here to ensure that your move is as simple and efficient as possible. To learn more, contact us today.