Moving in the Rain – A Guide to Beating Wet Weather

moving in the rain

Moving in the rain isn’t something we ever plan to do. Imagine preparing for your move months in advance, with all of the little moving parts and stresses that come with, only to feel thwarted by the forces of nature. While this may seem like the time to cut your losses and rethink your schedule, it doesn’t have to be. With a little bit of care and strategising, rainy day moving is entirely doable!

At Kent Removals & Storage, we have been assisting families through the moving process in all weather conditions for well over 75 years. So, to make sure that dampness doesn’t put a damper on your moving experience, let’s get you ready for moving in the rain.

Step 1 – Garbage Bags Are Your Friend

Whilst garbage bags are invaluable in almost every step of the moving process, when it comes to moving in the rain, they can be an absolute lifesaver. Whether it be putting bags over your clothes to avoid wetting your woolens, or piling in your pillows and soft toys to keep them dry and mildew-free, it’s highly advised to have some garbage bags on hand.

Step 2 – It’s Time to Get Wrapping

While there are a wide variety of packing materials out there to protect from breakages and other impact damage, very few of them can boast waterproofing your belongings. So, when moving in the rain, it’s best to pick up some shrink wrap, or plastic covers. This can be used to protect smaller items, such as electronics, or as a helpful accessory to your furniture.

With that said, when wrapping boxes, remember to tape up your boxed items (preferably with durable, heavy-duty tape) prior to putting the plastic coating on. Tape may indeed offer some waterproofing protection, but the same can’t be said for its stickiness. Placing tape on the outside of plastic will quickly lead to a lot of open, sopping wet boxes and a lot of headaches at unpacking time.

Step 3 – Minimise Time Spent in the Rain

Although this may seem obvious on the surface, avoiding the rain can be easier said than done. One helpful way to start this process is placing all of your boxes as close to the front door as possible prior to making your dash toward the moving truck. Not only will this shorten carrying distances, it will also ensure that you’re transferring as little moisture from the outside world into your home.

If a weather forecast has given you some added prep time, it may be worth organising a tarp or popup tent. That way, by placing a tent between your door and the moving truck, you’re significantly minimising the amount of time spent bombarded by the elements.

Step 4 – Prioritise Your Items

If you know when the rain is going to lessen or subside, it may be worth arranging items by their ability to withstand the weather. Start with plastic tubs and other sealed, waterproof containers. Then, when the rain is less severe, start moving plush/fabric furniture and other items that may be negatively impacted by moving in the rain.

Step 5 – Moving in the Rain is Easier With Help

If you’re taking on a stormy move without professional removalist assistance, such as Kent Removals & Storage, then it’s best to have as many hands on deck as possible. This allows you to give everyone a role, creating a line of people that can pick up, carry, pack, and repeat. This will cut down on the amount of time spent moving, and in turn, minimise the amount of time your items spend being threatened by the elements.


Moving in the rain can be tough, especially if you’re taking it on alone. So, why not let the professionals take care of it for you? At Kent Removals & Storage, we have been helping families, rain and shine, to make the moving process a breeze. So, contact Kent Removals & Storage to book your move today!