How to Store a Mattress – Best Way to Store a Mattress

How to store a mattress - Best way to store a mattress image
How to store a mattress – Best way to store a mattress

How to store a mattress is a question that Kent receives all the time. According to our moving experts, the best way to store a mattress is:

Step 1: Clean your mattress thoroughly with upholstery cleaner

Step 2: Wrap your mattress carefully

Step 3: Store your mattress flat to prevent internal damage

Step 4: Store your mattress in a clean, climatised environment.

Step 1: Clean Your Mattress Thoroughly with Upholstery Cleaner

So the question is: how to store mattresses? Well…

The best way to store a mattress will always begin with a thorough clean. We recommend using an upholstery cleaner and a vacuum. A mattress cleaned with this method will maintain its quality significantly longer than one that goes without the right tender love and care. It’s a simple point, but you want to take absolute care to ensure that the mattress you’re dropping off to storage will return the mattress you know, and not breeding ground for mould.

Step 2: Wrap Your Mattress Carefully

When it comes to how to wrap a mattress for storage, the material you use is all-important. It’s an must that you cover your mattress with some degree of protection to avoid dust build-up and accidental damage. But you also need to make sure your mattress is wrapped with a degree of breathability. Professional, plastic mattress wrapping, along with plastic mattress covers, will provide the breathability your mattress needs.

Blankets, bedding and rags can provide a good degree of protection at a pinch. Whatever your choice of wrapping, make sure to wrap your mattress prior to transit in order to protect your mattress.

Step 3: Store Your Mattress Flat to Prevent Internal Damage

This may be the most crucial step of all. The best way to store a mattress is always on its back, because this ensures the mattress is in its natural resting position.

When a mattress is stored on its side for more than 12 hours, you risk damaging the internal structure of your mattress, especially if your mattress is sprung by large coils, or pocket sprung. It can be a bit of a nuisance to store your mattress flat, as this will take up far more square footage of your storage location.

Step 4: Store Your Mattress in a Clean, Climatised Environment

If how to store a mattress long term is a major consideration, then climatised professional storage space is arguably the best option out there. A storage space will provide unparalleled protection against damage and wear caused by moisture, humidity, and dust.

We’ve seen that a crucial component of long term mattress storage revolves around the question, ‘how to protect mattress in storage’. By adhering to all of the advice above, you will give your mattress every help that it needs to endure in quality well into the future