How to Keep Up the Christmas Cheers During a Holiday Move

Moving house during holiday

The festive season usually conjures up images of a warm, peaceful home, filled with family, friends, food and presents—not a home full of packing boxes and empty cupboards.

However, when it comes to moving house, sometimes you just can’t pick the date—a new employer might want you to start your job immediately after Christmas, or your landlord might have sold your house.

So, if you do have to move during the holiday season, be sure to keep up the Christmas cheer with our handy hints and tips.

Tips for a Successful Holiday Move

Moving Home During Holiday Season

There are several things you can do to make the holiday move less stressful and more festive for you and your family. Below are our five favourite tips for planning a successful holiday move:

  1. Put up decorations that can move with you. You don’t want to spend the entire holiday season without any Christmas decorations at all. But neither do you want your holiday to move complicated by an elaborate tree and other decorations will need to be unpacked and repacked at the last minute. Instead, find a few favourite holiday decorations to put on display. A holiday wreath for the door or a small tree can be moved easily from one home to the next and will help your new home feel special from that very first day.
  2. Consider dining out for the holidays. Huge family dinners are commonplace during the holidays. The thing is, such big feasts just aren’t feasible when you’re trying to pack up your belongings and get ready for that holiday move. This doesn’t mean you have to miss out on getting together with friends and relatives altogether. Instead of a home-cooked meal, have your Christmas feast at a restaurant this year. After all, it’s the people—not the food—who make Christmas so special.
  3. Share all your contact information. Christmas is not a time you want to be out of reach to family and friends. Make sure that all the people who are important to you know where you’re going to be and how to contact you throughout the moving process.
  4. Take your Christmas celebration with you. If you’ll literally be spending Christmas Day on the road, find hotels that are planning holiday events, dinners and activities. A warmly-decorated hotel may not be home, but it will definitely feel a lot more festive than a cold, sterile hotel lobby.
  5. Explore your new community. Spending the holiday season in an unfamiliar city can be disappointing and less-than-festive. But, you can turn this situation around. Turn it into an opportunity to explore your new hometown and meet people you wouldn’t normally encounter at other times of the year. Most cities host special events, concerts and light displays during the Christmas season that make great family activities. Churches, too, are especially inviting during the Advent season.

Planning a Holiday Move with Kent Removals & Storage

To learn more about how to organise a holiday move and make it as easy and stress-free as it can possibly be, contact us for a free moving quote. Kent has more than 75 years of experience in helping people move across the state or around the country. As a national company, we operate in all major cities and offer quality service at an affordable price—no matter the season!