Counting down to moving day – Part 3

1–2 weeks to go… are you ready?

With only a couple of weeks til moving day, it’s really getting down to crunch time. Stay organised and on track – here’s our moving house checklist with some of the important steps you’ll need to take at this point.

  • Organise family or friends to mind your kids or pets on moving day
  • Notify utility services and arrange connection/disconnection of your phone line, gas, electricity and water
  • Get your mail redirected through your local Post Office
  • Change your address on the licence and registration of your vehicles
  • Get your car checked if you’ll be driving it a long way
  • Notify the bank and the tax office of your change of address
  • Cancel your subscriptions and deliveries – newspaper, groceries, etc.
  • Cancel any domestic services – gardening, mowing, cleaning and so on
  • Draw up a layout plan of your new home, showing where you want all your furniture to go, so you can give this to your removalist
  • Clean out your garage or garden shed
    • Drain your lawn mower and remove batteries from battery-powered items
    • Safely dispose of any flammable items
  • Start preparing some essentials for moving day. Set aside bedding and towels to be used on the first day after the move.

This is Part 3 of our handy moving checklist. Follow the links to read parts 1–6:

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