Counting down to moving day – Part 2

You’re moving house in just a few weeks, and there’s still so much to do! Use our handy moving house checklist to make sure you stay on top of the move.

1 month to go… get down to details

    • Give notice to your landlord if you’re renting
    • Notify all your important contacts about the move. This might include your solicitor, accountant, local council and insurance company.
    • Maintain a file of all your important documents. Chances are you’ll have a bit of paperwork to do, so make sure you have all the information you’ll need to complete it.
    • If you can, measure the spaces in your new home to make sure your furniture will fit.
    • Return any library books or anything you’ve borrowed from friends.
    • Prepare to pack. If you’re packing yourself, buy cartons and packing material. Make sure you choose the right cartons for the right jobs. You’ll need a range of packing materials including:
      • Heavy duty plastic wrap for securing moveable parts
      • Sturdy cardboard moving boxes in a range of sizes
      • Bubble wrap for keeping fragile items padded
      • Packing foam for crushable items.
    • Make note of any precious, special or fragile belongings that may need special treatment during the move.
      • Find the moving instructions for your fridge and washing machine
      • Do you have any collections of fine china, crystal or antiques?
      • Any large furniture or vehicles – a piano, a caravan, a speedboat?

Discuss your needs with your removalists. They should be able to provide solutions to most of your needs.

Kent’s carpenters can build custom crates to protect your special items, and our removals team can arrange special transport for cars and other vehicles.

We also supply a huge range of specialised packing boxes and materials. You can buy these are do your own packing, or arrange for Kent’s expert removals team to take care of the wrapping and packing for you.

This is Part 2 of our handy moving checklist. Follow the links to read parts 1–6:

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