Counting down to moving day – Part 1

A complete moving checklist to keep you on track

Your move might still be a few months away, but you don’t want to leave it all to the last minute. Now’s the time to start getting organised, making the big decisions, and choosing the services you need to help you along the way.

This is Part 1 of our handy moving checklist. Follow the links to read parts 2–6:

2 months to go… time to get prepared

  • Book your removalists – and if travelling overseas, your flights
  • Create a folder for your moving documents. Whenever you make a booking, order a service or notify someone of your move, print out the documentation so you can keep track of progress. You’ll also want to start gathering together:
    • Visas and passports (are they up-to-date?)
    • Birth certificates and medical records for each family member
    • School records for your kids
    • Veterinary records for your pets.
  • Take stock – go through your belongings and dispose of anything you won’t be taking
    • Donate to op shops, charities
    • Give away to friends, family or colleagues
    • Sell major appliances and furniture
    • What do you need to throw away or recycle?
  • Kitchen cleanup time!
    • Stop buying long-term perishables
    • Start using up open packets and items in your freezer
    • Throw away anything past its use-by date
  • Start keeping track of incoming mail so you can notify the senders of your change of address
  • Start looking for a new school or pre-school. If you have kids in school, do some research into the schools in your new area and start thinking about where you’d like to transfer to.

Do your research to ensure you choose the right removals company. Find out what services are offered, which services you’ll definitely need, and which ones may really help you avoid stress at moving time.

Price is important, but don’t let it be your only consideration – a cheap move could cost you months of stress if it’s not done professionally, by movers who treat you and your treasures with respect.

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