Choosing an international moving company

Moving overseas is one of the most exciting changes you can make in your life – but it’s also incredibly complicated and exhausting. One of the smartest moves to make is to choose an international removalist who is prepared to take care of the details.

Moving overseas requires specific knowledge and service that not every Australian removals company offers. There are freight costs to negotiate, arrival services to organise, customs clearance, vehicle transport… and what about the pets?

It’s important to do your research on the company so you know you can trust them to get it right.

Know your international moving needs

Work out what services you need, and make sure the company offers them. You don’t want to have to shop around for extra services at the last minute.

  • Are you moving with pets?
  • Do you need transport for any vehicles – cars, boats, trailers?
  • Will you need to place any of your belongings in short or long term storage?
  • Do you have any large, fragile or valuable items that will need extra protection in transit?

Know your international moving costs

Before you choose a removalist, be sure to ask all the important questions and get a really clear idea of what you’re paying for when you move with them.

  • Get the most accurate quote you can. Request an in-home inspection so the removalist can give you a really precise estimate of the cost of moving your things.
    (Request an in-home inspection from a Kent removals expert!)
  • Check for hidden charges. A lot of interstate movers will sneak in extra charges for things like unloading your boxes into the house. Read the fine print before signing a contract.
  • Ask questions! Good movers will do everything they can to make you completely comfortable. If they can’t give you clear answers to your questions, it’s probably time to find another mover. You want to work with a removalist you can trust.

Do your research on international shipping

One of the most expensive parts of your move is the cost of shipping from Australia to your new home. When you’re shipping things overseas, they may be loaded into a container dedicated only to you, or they may be combined with other shipments to save money and space. Ask the removalist what your options are, and how much they will cost you.

Look for a international moving company that knows your new country

Some moving companies operate as international franchises, and they may have a franchise in your destination country – but do your research on the overseas franchise as well as your local one, as they may not have the same reputation or standing in your destination country.

Other removalists form partnerships with overseas moving companies that they’ve identified as best-in-class. This is how Kent works. We have a network of over 270 international partners who we can trust to provide the same premium service we expect from our home team.

Make sure your international movers offer comprehensive insurance

Make sure your shipping company offers comprehensive insurance on all your belongings, and that this insurance covers delivery of your goods all the way to your door.

Even when your treasures are wrapped up tight, don’t forget they’ll still be travelling hundreds of kilometres to reach their new home. Accidents happen, and it pays to be prepared.

Find out more about moving overseas with Kent’s full service international removalists.

We can provide you with an instant international moving quote, or you can speak to a removals expert on 1300 697 150 to nut out the details.