4 Tips for Moving in Hot Weather

If you’re moving during the Australian Summer (particularly in late January or early February), you stand a fairly good chance of having to move in hot weather.

Unfortunately, we’re not talking about lovely hot weather, during which you’d usually relax by the pool or take a quick dip at the beach. We mean a scorching Summer’s day, spent packing and unpacking boxes, moving heavy things, scrubbing surfaces and cleaning cupboards.

Moving in hot weather can be more than just uncomfortable, sweaty work. Without proper planning and preparation, it can actually be dangerous.

moving home in summer


So, here are Kent Removals & Storage’s top tips to help keep you cool on a hot moving day! 

  1. Pack a Weather-Appropriate Essentials Box

We won’t lie—moving is hard, physical work, particularly if you’re doing all the heavy lifting and carrying yourself. So, make sure you pack an essentials box. This should include lots of cold drinks (like water and electrolyte-replacing drinks), light snacks and refreshments to keep you and the crew hydrated and energised. It should also include other essentials like sunscreen, extra hats, and a first aid kit.

  1. Take Care with Your Pets

The heat doesn’t just affect us; moving can be particularly stressful for pets at the best of times, but when it’s hot you need to keep an extra eye on them. Make sure your pets have access to fresh water and a cool, shady area at all times on moving day – and never leave them in the car without ventilation for any length of time.

  1. Keep Your Kids Entertained

While moving day might be exciting for you, it’s more than likely quite boring for your kids. Especially in the heat. If you’re moving to a house that has a garden, pack a paddling pool and some outdoor toys that you can set up as soon as you arrive. This way, you’ll be able to keep the kids entertained and out of your way—just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Alternatively, you may want to enlist the help of some friends or relatives on moving day—sometimes it can be much easier to have a babysitter organised to take care of the kids on moving day.

  1. Pack for Your First Night

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your new house and having to waste time hunting down your essentials before bed time, particularly if you’ve been hot and bothered all day!

Chances are—in hot weather—the first thing you’ll want to do after the removal crew leaves is have a nice cold shower. One of our best tips for moving in hot weather (and surviving!) is to keep towels, a wash bag, changes of clothes and some bedding in your car. This way, you can freshen up and get ready for bed without any stress.

If it’s particularly hot, you may also want to consider purchasing some fans to set up in each bedroom. This way, you’re sure to have a good night’s sleep.

In summation, moving in hot weather is always tricky, however with all the planning and help it can be a smooth sail. That’s where we come in.

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