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This moving house checklist brings your whole plan together; it is the culmination of the last two months’ worth of work and preparation, and our entire list of moving checklists. It is today that you’ll discover just how well our colour coded packing system works, and how safe all our packing tips keep your treasures. You’ll experience, first hand, how Kent Removals’ moving into a new house checklist mini-series comes into its own today.

If you’ve followed our chronological series of moving house checklists, then moving day should go off without a hitch. Today is all about organisation and following through on those moving house tips!

Moving Day Checklist: At Your Old Home

  • To start your day, double check that access to your property is adequate and clear for the moving truck, you want to ensure that your removalists have easy access so that costly delays don’t occur. If you find that access is blocked in any way, do your best to remove the obstruction before your team of removalists arrive. You may need to contact your building manager, the local council, or even have a chat to your neighbours
  • Ensure that you, or your authorised representative (who has been fully briefed), are home throughout the day. Your removalists will need to ask questions and receive guidance throughout the entire move
  • When your removalists arrive, take the removalists around your home. Give them clear instructions and explain your colour code (or other) packing system
  • Make sure that any ‘high priority’ boxes are easy to access and clearly labelled. When you take your removalists around your home at the beginning of the day, point these boxes out to your removalists so they are loaded last and can be first off the truck
  • Similarly, if you have any fragile, special or valuable items or boxes, point these out to your removalists at the beginning of the day
  • Once your removalists have finished loading the truck, do one last walk around your own home. Check every room, and open every door and cupboard. Make sure that nothing has been left behind. Once you are satisfied, confirm that all scheduled belongings have been loaded into the moving van
  • Verify your destination address and contact phone number before the removalists leave
  • If any of your belongings are going into long or short-term storage or being shipped interstate or overseas, be sure to check the inventory carefully before signing off
  • Carry valuables like jewellery, passports and important documents yourself
  • Do one last house clean (or have Kent cleaners come in afterward)
  • Leave a note at your old home with a forwarding address
  • Do one final check to make sure:
    • No belongings have been forgotten
    • All utilities have been disconnected or switched off
    • All doors and windows are locked
    • The garage door opener has been left behind.
  • House keys should be dropped in to your solicitor or returned to the rental estate agent.

Moving Day: New House Checklist

  • Make sure all your of utilities have been connected. If they haven’t, now is the time to contact your water, gas and electricity companies as it can take time for utility companies to process connection requests
  • Try to arrive at your new address prior to your removalists. If you do, check that access to your property is adequate and clear for the moving truck. Once again, if access is not clear, then contact your building manager, the local council, or have a quick chat to your neighbours
  • You will need to take the removalists around your house, identifying ‘which room is which’ and which areas correspond to your colour coded packing system
  • Give the removalists a copy of your furniture placement floor plan
  • Make sure that your high priority boxes are off-loaded first, including your ‘Bits & Pieces’ box, ‘Essentials Kit’, ‘Mini Toolkit’ and any linen or towels that you’ll need on your first night in your new home
  • If your belongings were shipped from interstate, overseas or in secure storage, check their condition carefully before signing the inventory
  • Check the hot water service works (it may require time to heat after the gas pilot is relit or the electricity fuse switched ‘ON’)
  • If you are renting your new home, carefully complete the condition report noting any existing damage such as stains on the carpet and chips and cracks in any paintwork. It’s always a good idea to complete two copies, one for you and one for the agent. Take photos for your records
  • Make sure that the previous occupants haven’t left anything behind and consolidate any items in one place
  • Check that no poisons or toxic substances have been left behind that could harm either your pets or your children. Toxic substances might include weed killers and insecticides in the garage or shed, and rat poison in the kitchen or laundry cupboards
  • Confirm that both the house and garden are pet and child friendly before letting animals or children explore
  • Check that fences are ‘escape proof’ for animals
  • Stand your fridge in its new position for at least three hours before switching on to allow the coolant gas to settle
  • Remove washing machine ‘shipping bolts’
  • Assemble and make up your beds as soon as possible so that when you do finally need to rest, you are ready to relax
  • Start unpacking the kitchen, bathroom and other key areas. (If you need help or the job gets too big, ask about Kent Valet Services. From cleaning and unpacking, to organising and styling rooms, our experienced Valet Team helps you quickly and effortlessly set up and settle in to your new home)
  • Say “hello” to your new neighbours
  • Relax and enjoy your new home.

Our Hottest Tip for Moving Into a New House?

Follow your plan. You’ve put lots of hard work into preparing for today. Now it’s action stations. Don’t forget your removalists need an adult to be present at your home and destination. Just another moving tip from Kent Removals’ comprehensive series of moving house checklists.

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