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Kent’s End of Lease Cleaning Checklist is designed to help you get your bond back. Checklists for moving house usually cover booking a removalist and moving house packing tips. But it’s important not to overlook end of lease cleaning if you are moving out of a rental property!

Tenants can use these moving house cleaning tips to restore a rented home to its original condition. Together with Kent Removalists’ moving house checklist for tenants, this moving out cleaning checklist is bound to ensure a successful, stress-free move, particularly when it comes to rental bond recovery.

Top End of Lease Cleaning Tips

  • Keep all your cleaning supplies close by; pop them all in a portable holder, or even a bucket, to speed up the cleaning process
  • For best results, we recommend cleaning from left to right, back to front, and top to bottom
  • Begin with dry cleaning tasks (such as dusting, vacuuming and sweeping) before wiping surfaces down with a damp cloth or mopping
  • Don’t forget about mess created by your pets. Give kennels, tanks and cages a good clean. Fumigate the property if required
  • Arrange to dispose of any hazardous or prohibited moving items that your removalist can’t carry. For more information on items classified as hazardous and dangerous goods, review our Moving House Do’s and Don’ts Checklist.

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist: Exterior Cleaning Tips

  • Remember to clean the veranda or patio, including the BBQ and all outdoor furniture
  • Remove dust or cobwebs from walls, window sills and eaves
  • Cut the lawn, trim the edges, weed gardens and sweep paths
  • Remove any mess created by pets and repair any damage caused by pets
  • Remove leaf debris from pool and clean the filter
  • Clear out the letter box and compost bin
  • Ensure outdoor lighting is working and cleaned
  • Sweep garage, driveway and remove any dirt or oil marks
  • Remove all rubbish, empty and wash out household bins
  • Hose down garage door and ensure working opener is left behind.

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist: Interior Cleaning Tips

  • Clean and empty wardrobes, cupboards, shelving and drawers
  • Check all globes are working – clean light fittings and switches
  • Wipe clean all window ledges, architraves, skirting boards, picture rails and doors
  • Clean windows, sliding doors and fly screens inside and out
  • Wipe down air conditioner, cleaning vents, wash and dry filter
  • Remove dust and cobwebs throughout
  • Clean ceiling fan blades and light
  • Clear door and window tracks
  • Clean venetian and vertical blinds
  • Wash or dry-clean curtains and re-hang
  • Wipe over all switches, door hardware and surrounds
  • Remove traces of cigarette odour and nicotine stains
  • Clean any furniture provided and place in original position.

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist: Kitchen Cleaning Tips

  • Clean oven walls, racks, grill and leave cleaned trays inside. To clean your oven without all the harsh chemicals, mix half a cup of baking soda with three tablespoons of water (adjust ratios as required until you have a smooth paste). Spread the paste on your oven walls, avoiding the heating elements in an electric oven. Let the paste sit overnight before removing, then spray with vinegar. A foam should form; simply wipe this away
  • Remove stovetop stains and clean thoroughly
  • Wash filters and clean range hood, ensuring the overhead light is working
  • Clean dishwasher, including rubbers, door and filter. For a sparkling dishwasher, our cleaning tip is to shake baking soda onto a damp sponge, and wipe around door seels and to remove food and stains. Adding a small cup of bleach to a cycle will also kill any bacteria, and leave the machine fresh and clean
  • Clear food and debris from sink holes, plugs and taps
  • If your kitchen sink is stainless steel, make it sparkle by wiping it down with a couple of drops of mineral oil and a soft sponge
  • Clean garbage disposals by dropping in slices of lemon, a spoonful of salt and a couple of ice cubes; the lemon deodorises while the salt and ice remove built-up residues
  • Wash all countertops, benches and surface areas
  • Wipe the inside and outside of all cupboards
  • Clean inside the refrigerator and freezer, removing all food
  • Clean behind the refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave
  • Clean the extractor fan—a quick vacuum will usually do the trick.

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist: Bathroom & Laundry Cleaning Tips

  • Clean and disinfect baths, showers, screens, basins and toilets
  • Our moving house cleaning tip for cleaning showerheads, is to fill a plastic bag with enough vinegar to submerge the nozzle, and tie the bag in place. Leave the nozzle to soak overnight to remove all residue build-up
  • When it comes to glass shower walls and doors, create a paste of baking soda and vinegar, apply liberally and leave to soak for an hour. Remove with a damp cloth for sparkling clean glass
  • Ensure facilities and fixtures are free of soap residue and mildew
  • Wash all surfaces, including tiled areas and bench tops
  • Remove mould from tiles, grout, ceiling and walls. For tough mould in tile grout, dip an old toothbrush into bleach and scrub
  • Dust and polish towel rails and toilet roll holders
  • Clean sinks, drain holes, plugs and taps
  • Clean mirrors and ceiling fans.

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist: Walls & Floors Cleaning Tips

  • Spot clean any scuff marks on walls
  • Use sugar soap mixed with warm water applied with a soft cloth on walls with extensive scuff marks
  • Vacuum and steam clean all carpets
  • Vacuum and clean all sliding door and window tracks
  • Sweep and mop tiled floors and floorboards
  • Clean wall and floor areas behind appliances, such as the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, washing machine and dryer.

All sound like a lot of work for little reward? Talk to Kent. We can arrange a cleaning service or other ancillary services to make those last-minute moving out tasks vanish. Or visit our collection of free downloadable checklists for moving house.

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