Kent Announces its Membership with Supply Nation

Kent’s membership of Supply Nation reinforces our commitment to diversity both within our workforce and procurement processes.

Kent has a history of initiatives designed to help close the gap for Australia’s Indigenous peoples and communities. These initiatives include working with Reconciliation Australia to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and commencing work with Supply Nation to increase our indigenous employment base and supplier network.

Supply Nation Chief Executive Officer, Ms Laura Berry, said “We are delighted to welcome Kent into the Supply Nation community and look forward to working with them to develop their supplier diversity footprint. The measure of our collective success will be in the value of transactions between Kent Relocation Services and Indigenous businesses”.

Supply Nation connects its membership to Indigenous suppliers to build a vibrant and prosperous Indigenous business sector by incorporating Indigenous owned businesses into the supply chain of Australian companies and government agencies.

Supply Nation’s mission is to facilitate, encourage and promote business between corporate Australia and Government agencies and Indigenous owned businesses.

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