10 Packs

Moving houses and suddenly realised you have a LOT more ‘stuff’ than you thought? Don’t worry, Kent are here to help. If you’re packing up a home or relocating a large office, we can provide you with high-quality packing boxes and storage supplies to make your move as simple as possible.


Kent Removals and Storage’s Box Shop offers a range of affordable and high-quality packing and storage boxes and supplies, designed perfectly to protect your items. Shop our selection of moving and packing supplies and bundles to make your move and relocation a smooth trip.


Here you will find a huge selection of 10 packs of our most popular boxes and storage items. Keep your precious belongings safe and secure in these premium Paks.

Affordable packing materials designed to protect your belongings

Our comprehensive range of packing supplies and boxes are guaranteed to protect your items throughout the entire moving and storage process. No move or relocation is the same, which is why we have created bundles and packs that will suit all of your storage needs.


Moving house? Our range of packing materials are perfect for you!


Make your move easy with our complete range of recyclable boxes that come in all shapes and sizes. Kent’s moving boxes are lightweight, easy to pack and ensure premium protection of your belongings.


10 pack Treasure Pak

Treasure Pak boxes are designed to offer the maximum protection for your most treasured items. These boxes have a high capacity and have double the thickness of a standard packing box. Protect your crockery, glassware and ornaments from damage when you use a Treasure Pak. Receive a free box when you purchase a 10 pack of Kent’s Treasure Pak boxes.


10 pack Reader Pak

Protect your precious books and sturdy items with a Reader Pak box. Lightweight with a solid base, these boxes are designed to carry smaller, heavier items such as your books! Pack up your home office and shelves and transport your books with ease with a Reader Pak box.


10 pack bottle Pak

Provide the ultimate protection for your bottles, wine and alcohol with our Bottle Pak boxes. You can be certain your bottles will remain damage-free in these solid, medium carton boxes with a polystyrene insert to reduce movement and the risk of any breaks. Not just for bottles, these boxes can be used for vases, delicate glassware and jugs. Purchase a 10 pack of Kent’s Bottle Pak boxes to protect your precious wine collection.


10 Fashion Pak mini

Packing your wardrobe seems like a huge task, but with Kent’s 10 pack of Fashion Pak mini boxes, you won’t be wasting time folding every piece of clothing you own!

Move your entire closet on hangers, keeping your items wrinkle-free and clean. This innovative design allows you to move and store your clothes neatly on their hanger


10 Flexi-art Pak small

Ensure that your precious artwork and large, delicate pieces are protected throughout your move in a Flexi-Art Pak. Purchase a 10 pack of these boxes and ensure that your mirrors, artwork and tabletops are safe from damage. With adjustable, flexible and extendable features to look after your items, these boxes have both inner and outer protection. Get a 10-pack of small or large Flexi-Art Pak boxes to make your move easy.


Please note that on all of our boxes we consider the sizes and shapes of standard household goods. If you require additional sizes or box styles please get in touch with one of our expert Storage team members or explore our range of packing bundles and customisable packing or storage solutions.


From your fragile mirrors and glassware to your favourite books, protect your belongings and pack and store with Kent’s flexible and high-quality storage options. 


Moving to a new house can be stressful and ensuring your belongings are protected and safe from damage is important. Save money and stress when you buy one of our range of 10-pack box options. Kent is here to help and relieve the stress. Having the right materials, teams of removalists and storage options is important. Kent have a wide range of options for all your storage and relocation needs.

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