Stuffy Solutions – Tidy Tips For Allergy Cleaning Your New Home

As anyone who has gone through the process of moving knows, meticulous cleaning will only get you so far. Whether it be from storage, the moving van, or simply just the process of shifting things around, dust and dirt are an inevitable part of setting up a new space. While this is a relatively simple annoyance for some, it can pose major quality of life issues for those that have allergies or hayfever.

With that in mind, post-move allergy cleaning should be the number one priority of those that don’t deal with dust particularly well. At Kent, we have been assisting families through the moving process for over 75 years. In that time, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks for how to deal with allergy cleaning once the dust has settled on your move. So, let’s get into it!

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Start the Allergy Cleaning Process Early

Let’s face it, the longer we put off cleaning, the more difficult it is to start. This is partially due to the difficulty of starting a relatively unpleasant job, but as more items are placed within your home, the more frustrating it will be to clean around them. In an ideal situation, there should be two stages to your allergy cleaning strategy:

Pre-Furnishings – Before you begin bringing your possessions into the new space, making sure that the walls, floors and curtains are spotless will make everything simpler moving forward. Nobody wants to shift around a freshly set up living room arrangement for the sake of dusting.

Post-Furnishings – As you can expect, the moving process isn’t stellar for the cleanliness of your possessions. So, inevitably, you’re going to be bringing some unwelcome companions in the form of dust, dirt, and other allergens with you. Luckily, if you’ve completed a pre-move scrub of your space, dealing with the new dusting and scrubbing should be relatively easy.

While working with experienced movers, such as Kent Removals, will help you to prevent unnecessary allergens, it’s always good to have this plan in place to avoid extra work.

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The Virtues of Vacuuming

I’m not sure that people give vacuums the credit they deserve in regard to promoting a positive atmosphere. Aesthetics aside, the chance to breathe a dustless lung full of air is something that many of us leave underappreciated. So, while vacuuming should already be a part of your regular cleaning routine, the moving process makes it absolutely vital.

As we touched on in the previous point, moving around furniture is inevitably going to lift dust and dander (if pets are in the picture) into the air. So, when vacuuming, it’s a good idea to keep the windows in your house open to promote airflow and avoid dust settling on your freshly cleaned surfaces.

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Mould Matters

Mould is more than just an unpleasant sight, and can pose a far more significant threat to your well being than you might imagine. Many forms of mould release spores that can cause rhinitis symptoms and flare-ups, especially for those with mould allergies or asthma. So, once you’ve starting moving into your new home, the next step of the allergy cleaning plan commences.

Luckily (and unpleasantly), the signs of mould are quite simple to detect. Mould has a distinct odour, and can also be spotted quite easily on surfaces. It is also be a symptom of moisture issues, both past and present, as leaking water can often prove the perfect breeding ground for this fungal friend.

There is a wide array of mould and mildew-specific cleaning sprays on the market that will effectively deal with the problem. However, this won’t necessarily fix the root cause of your mould problem. After your allergy cleaning process is done and dusted, it’s a good idea to inspect areas of mould and mildew as a means of detecting potential leakages or broken pipes.


Moving into a new house or apartment should be a fresh start, and allergies is a fantastic way to take any freshness out of that experience. Luckily, with a little bit of preparation and post-move allergy cleaning, you can save yourself from some stuffy beginnings. Good luck!

At Kent, we go to every possible length to ensure that your possessions are damage, dirt and dander-free throughout the moving process. To learn more, contact us today!