The Benefits of Bond Cleaning

Bond cleaning is a critical step in the process of moving out or renting your property. It comes down to leaving a place in the condition you found it, and yet so many renters do not see the benefits of doing so. It facilitates a clean and professional end to your living arrangement, wherein both parties get exactly what they want. If you are still on the fence about the perks of bond cleans, here is what you stand to benefit.

Peace of Mind

Let’s stick to the facts, bond cleaning is a requirement of a tenant and landlord that solely serves you the purpose of getting your bond back. Don’t lose out on your bond over a few avoidable issues and an unclean oven. Committing to a thorough clean conducted by professionals will allow you to present the proof of clean, and elicit the bond to be released back to you. We’ve all heard those horror stories of bond refusals, or worse – having to pay further costs for cleaning and damages.

Time Saver

When you are moving, there are not enough hours in the day. How quickly the week powers on, with still so much to do. The priorities continue to shift, and the moving day inches closer by the minute. Getting a bond clean done by a professional will save you the time of doing it yourself – and it will be executed quicker than you would have been able to do so. Professional bonds cleaning also allow you to choose a specific date in which to have the clean, which can work within your convenience. You can select the clean to be administered before or after you hand over the keys, so make it work in with your plans.

Occupancy Rate

An open home without a bond clean can stand out like a sore thumb. Especially when your potential tenants will be making their way into several properties on any given weekend – don’t be remembered as the unclean one. As a tenant, you also don’t want to hold up your moving process and have a dreaded gap of a run-out lease and finding a new home.


What would your past landlords or tenants say about you? If it’s anything less than a glowing reference, you may want to look at that sooner rather than later to avoid any negative implications that may arise. Failure to have a bond clean done or under the agreed terms will always result in a poor reference, which may have an irreversible impact on your future renting record.

Saves You Buying Equipment

How much of your storage space is taken up by items that you only use a few times, or even once? Booking in a bond clean will take the pressure off you securing the right equipment and products, as your bond cleaning provider will have the best tools to do so. There is enough to do when you start the moving process – don’t add a complicated shopping list of cleaning items to your never-ending list of things to do.

Bond cleans may be a pain, but there is no arguing the end result. They serve a specific purpose and do their part in getting you your bond back and building on your great record of rental references. Take the pressure out of moving, and contact Kent Removals online, or call our friendly team on 1300 709 564.