Pack safe for your interstate move

If you’re moving interstate or across Australia, you and your belongings will be travelling hundreds of kilometres to get to your new home. It’s vital that you pack everything as safely as possible.

Should I pack myself or leave it to the movers?

You can choose to pack it all yourself, or your interstate removalists can provide a full packing service. If you pack the boxes yourself, remember to communicate clearly with your removalists so they understand your packing system. Here are a few tips:

  • Label every box, clearly indicating its contents
  • Mark boxes FRAGILE and HEAVY as appropriate
  • Draw arrows to indicate if a box needs to be stored upright
  • Add a little bit of info to make sure there are no mix-ups with the box. It may be worth noting down your name, delivery address and account number – or even the room where you want the box to be unloaded.

Doing your own packing will save you a bit of money, and you might prefer not to entrust your belongings to someone else. But do bear in mind that your removals insurance may not fully cover items you’ve boxed yourself.

What can I expect from a professional packing service?

The best moving companies have their own packing systems, so that everyone involved in the move has the same understanding.

Kent’s packers use the Kent Guardian Packing System, including the most advanced custom-designed moving boxes in the world. We have cartons specially designed to protect plasma TV screens, fine bone china, and your entire wardrobe on hangers. Everything is wrapped and labelled carefully to avoid any misunderstandings during the trip.

We also load your boxes directly into steel shipping containers at your house, so they’re doubly protected before they even go into the truck.

A lot of moving companies will drive your boxes back to their facility before putting them into secure containers – smaller companies may not even use shipping containers for moves over land. This means your items will probably be shuffled around quite a lot before they arrive somewhere safe.

It’s a good idea to find out exactly how your belongings will be handled before and during the trip. It will definitely put you at ease to know your boxes are being packed by the experts.

Read all about Kent’s professional packing services or take a look at our range of world-class custom-designed packing cartons.

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