It’s a Wonderful Life – How Moving Home Changes with Time

How you move home changes throughout your life.

Out from the protective care of parents or guardians, the moment when you move into your first home is an experience that can change you forever. All of those moving parts and things to keep track of, all of those new skills you have to learn; the process is daunting, but many of us still manage to get through it unscathed.

Move ahead a decade and everything has changed. Many people have shifted from the share house life and may be entering their new home with a family in tow. Each move brings with it a wide array of changes, and with those changes comes a brand new set of things to keep on top of.

At Kent Removals & Storage, we have been helping families across Australia make the transition from home to home for over 75 years. So, regardless of what life stage you’re at, hopefully, we can offer some advice to help you overcome these home-switching hurdles.

The First Step – Moving Home Alone

Moving Home

As an 18-20 year old finding their way for the first time, everything is new, which makes for an experience that is equal parts exciting and terrifying. The fact is that, until you take it on yourself, you can’t truly appreciate how difficult moving home can be. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a few friends and family members to help you on your way, but even so, things can easily get missed or misplaced.

For example, when moving home for the first time, it can be hard to work out how much space you actually have compared to the number of things you’ll be taking with you. This can either leave you with a cluttered mess of hand-me-down furniture or a space that is too sparse to even call it minimalist. To avoid this, make a checklist of which possessions will be going to each room. If you do this whilst going through your new home, it will become apparent very quickly whether or not your plans are going to be feasible.

The Second Step – Shared Spaces

young couple moving home
Moving in with a partner is a big step for a lot of people and not one to be taken on without a lot of thought and planning. There are a lot of wrong ways to go about it, however, they are relatively easy to avoid with a little forethought. The main thing to remember when moving in with a partner is that it’s a shared space, and it needs to stay that way for both of you to feel at home.

This means that decor, furnishings, and setup should all be taken on together, with both parties having equal input. From toiletries to cupboard space, you both need to feel like each shared area works for you. While this can be quite a shock to the system for many of us, especially those of us that have just gotten accustomed to the independence of living alone, it can be a fantastic experience.

Instead of simply shoving two lives haphazardly into a single property, it gives you the opportunity to create something new. Simply find commonalities in your tastes and start from there. It’s unlikely that both of you will get things exactly how you want them, but if you’re willing to make concessions for the good of your relationship, you’ll both be better off for it. You’re starting a new chapter in your life, and so you should do everything in your power to start it off on the right track.

The Third Step – Family Values

family moving home

The addition of children into the equation brings its own set of things to consider. Moving home means that your children will likely be parting ways with people and surroundings they have known for the majority of their lives, so it’s important to make the transition as easy as possible for them.

So, when speaking to them about the move, try to focus on the positive aspects. The new friends they will make at a new school, the fun things that there are to do in this new neighbourhood; all of this will allow children to envision an exciting change.

Another thing to keep in mind is how the new space is laid out. This will be the case for anyone that is moving into a place of cohabitation, but you need to make sure that every shared area works for the needs of everyone. Make sure that your living areas are set up for adults and kids alike, as this will allow for a significantly more comfortable living situation for everyone. Nobody likes feeling as if they’re confined to a single area in a home, and that goes for kids too.


Everything changes as we reach different steps in life. Being prepared will allow you to embrace these shifts, rather than letting them become overly stressful. Regardless of where you are in your moving journey, Kent Removals & Storage can help to make the moving process as simple as possible. Contact us today!