Moving day is here! (Counting down – Part 6)

It’s time to start your next big adventure! Use our moving checklist to keep you organised on the day of the move.

Before you leave your old house:

  • Get everything loaded into the moving van
  • Do one last complete clean of the house
  • Check and make sure:
    • No belongings have been forgotten during packing
    • All taps and switches are turned off, including your gas and power
    • All utilities have been disconnected
    • All doors and windows are locked when you leave
  • Keep these close at hand:
    • Your Survival Kit (medications, toiletries, etc.)
    • Your inventory list
    • Your furniture layout plan for the new house
  • If you were renting, return the keys to your agent
  • If any of your belongings are going into storage, or if they are being shipped overseas or interstate, make sure to check the inventory carefully before signing it

And finally, at your new home:

  • Direct your removalists from your house’s entry point
  • Make sure all your utilities are connected
  • Make sure you have all keys and instructions you need for your new residence
  • If you’re renting your new home, fill out a condition report of the property and furnishings for your agent
  • Do a final check of your new home before your removalists leave. Go through your inventory list and make sure everything is where it should be
  • Stand your fridge upright in its new position for 2–3 hours before plugging it in (this allows the fluid time to settle)
  • Contact your local council to get information about garbage collection and register your pets
  • Meet your new neighbours
  • Thank the friends and family who helped you during your move!

Once you arrive at your new home, there’ll be mountains of unpacking and cleaning to do, when all you want to do is get settled in. If you’re moving with Kent, you might like to take advantage of our range of valet services to cut out some of the stress. We offer:

  • Valet unpacking
  • General house cleaning (at your new home as well as your old one)
  • Vacuuming and steam cleaning
  • Re-installation of appliances and electronics
  • Preparing empty boxes for recycling collection.

This is Part 6 of our handy moving checklist. Follow the links to read parts 1–5:

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