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This moving house checklist includes a whole range of organising tips and things to do when moving house. Remember, if organising your move starts to get overwhelming, Kent is here to help. After moving over one million happy Australians locally, interstate and overseas, we’re specialists in stress-free moving. Call and speak to a Kent moving expert …for peace of mind.

With only two weeks until the big move, the kids are getting excited and you can’t wait to start turning your new home into a house. It’s not exactly panic stations yet, but two weeks will disappear more quickly than you think. You need to keep on top of the packing and start making appropriate preparations for your upcoming move, with all our tips for moving.

Things to do When Moving House Two Weeks Out

  • Check that any repairs or alterations to your new and old home will be finished by moving day (like painting or carpet laying)
  • Contact your home insurance provider and give a final date for when coverage should cease
  • Notify utility services (gas, phone, electricity) and organise for disconnection and reconnection
  • Check with any relevant authorities for any moving requirements, restrictions and protocols, including local councils, body corporate or building managers for parking and access restrictions, and building, traffic management, and lift protocols
  • Prepare car registration and insurance to ensure you are covered and registered in your new area
  • Contact the local council or the relevant authority to check for regulations regarding flammable and toxic waste disposal. Collect all paint, oil, and aerosols, and drain all garden equipment so you can safely dispose of the oil and fuel. For more information on moving dangerous goods, download our Moving Do’s and Don’ts guide
  • Contact doctors, dentists, specialists or any other medical professionals about forwarding your records if you will be transferring your care
  • Drain hoses so they won’t leak during transit
  • Cancel your gym membership and have it transferred to your new area
  • Start signing kids up to sports teams in the local area or book them in for music lessons
  • If you work from home, ensure that all your clients are aware of the date of your move and that they have receive your updated contact details
  • Arrange mail redirection through Australia Post
  • Stop or redirect subscriptions and deliveries, such as newspapers, magazines, and groceries
  • Cancel or rearrange any regular domestic services, such as a gardener or cleaner
  • Organise house cleaning for your new home before moving in and, your old home when you’ve moved out
  • Ask family or friends to care for children and pets on moving day. Or book boarding for pets
  • If moving pets yourself, visit the vet for a check-up and ask how to make your pet’s move safe and comfortable
  • Continue packing and cleaning as you go. Try to completely pack the garage, the shed and any other storage areas that you don’t frequent very much
  • Pick up any items that are on lay-by, being repaired or that have been borrowed by friends. This is especially important if you’re moving interstate
  • Get children excited about the move by holding a going away party and give them some pictures and the address of your new house so they can tell their friends about it and organise a play date
  • Hold a ‘house cooling’ for yourself. This is a great opportunity to get all the important people together and say goodbye. It’s also a great way to use up any left-over food you have in the fridge, freezer or pantry
  • Back up all computers and other devices. Store back up files safely and separately
  • Take memory cards out of camera and video cameras to ensure the contents aren’t damaged during transit. Label all the memory cards according to the events they capture and store these in a safe place
  • Disassemble outdoor items (swing sets, cubby houses, trampolines) or ask a Kent professional to help
  • Book your car in for a service if you will be driving a long distance
  • Measure up your new home and create a floor plan to ensure furniture fits, and to assist on move day
  • Confirm any orders placed for delivery to your new home are on schedule (like furniture or carpet)
  • Pick up dry cleaning and return any borrowed items, such as library books, DVDs and CDs
  • Confirm removalist payment options and requirements.

Our Hottest Tip for Moving Two Weeks Out?

Get removals insurance. Treasured heirlooms, one-off artworks, valuable furnishings, musical instruments and other household belongings are too valuable to risk. So arrange cover before you move on to the next checklist for moving house.

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