Kent Removals & Storage and our customers are going the extra mile by seeding real action for climate change!

At Kent Removals & Storage, we are taking  real climate action with our support of Greenfleet.

Since 2008, Kent Removals & Storage  plants one native tree for every customer satisfaction survey completed. To date, we have contributed to planting over 20,000 native trees, which have absorbed more than 5,000 tonnes of carbon emissions from the earth’s atmosphere.

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One of the many projects that we have supported is Greenfleet’s Avoca forest. Located just west of Alleena in NSW, Avoca lies within the traditional country of the Wiradjuri people. Prior to being purchased by Greenfleet, the 1,700-ha property had been used for cropping and sheep production, leaving the remaining vegetation in a highly fragmented state.

In 2013, with the help of contributions from Kent Removals & Storage, Greenfleet sowed 848-ha of the land at Avoca with native seedlings. Greenfleet focuses on planting trees endemic to the area, and Avoca was no exception, with prickly wattle (Acacia paradoxa), white mallee (Eucalyptus dumosa) and green mallee (Eucalyptus viridis) being planted on the site. Only 18 months after the planting, most of the seeds had germinated and grown into healthy native saplings, with some reaching over 1.5 meters in height.

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Avoca is located adjacent to the Buddigower State Forest and nearby to the Buddigower Nature Reserve. The Reserve is biologically important for a number of reasons, including the 26 endangered or vulnerable animal species that have been recorded there, such as the Mallee Fowl, Shy Heath-Wren and Southern Scrub Robin. As it continues to grow, Avoca will play a vital role for local wildlife, including providing land connectivity, habitat and food resources to threatened birdlife on the neighbouring reserve, including the endangered Swift Parrot.

Kent Removals & Storage are proud to support Greenfleet, and we look forward to sharing more updates about our work together in the future.