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Our removals insurance guards you and your treasures against unexpected events, for ultimate peace of mind.

Moving insurance for furniture removals

Moving insurance for furniture removals

Entrusted with over 33,000 moves a year, we are proud to have one of the lowest rates of damage and loss within the removals and storage industry. Coupled with our exceptionally high Customer Satisfaction Index score, it is clear that Kent takes the utmost care in packing, handling and delivering your treasures.

But even with 70 years of removals experience and over a million moves, unavoidable accidents can still happen.

Why Choose Kent’s Removals Insurance

For moving peace of mind, choose Kent to ensure that:

  • Your treasures will be moved with care
    At Kent, we care about your move, and take pride in delivering exceptional customer service, including:

    • Attentive, caring service from friendly, removalist experts
    • Highly-trained professional packers and removalists
    • Timely responses to any questions you might have
    • Consistent, superior worldwide customer service, regardless of whether you are moving locally, moving interstate or moving overseas.
  • Your treasures will be moved with trust
    With our 70 year history as a removals industry leader, you can trust us to move your treasures because we have:

    • Successfully moved over a million people across Australia and the world
    • Superior moving processes and systems that ensure a stress-free move
    • Custom designed moving boxes, packing materials and containers to help guard your treasures against breakage, vermin, dust and the elements
    • World-class secure storage solutions, including the most advanced undercover storage facilities in the southern hemisphere to help keep your treasures safe
    • Received countless awards and client accolades for our exceptional customer service.
  • Your treasures will be moved stress-free
    We take the stress out of moving by delivering a comprehensive range of end-to-end moving services and products, including:

    • Seamless door-to-door packing, removalist and valet unpacking services to save you time and let you get on with organising the rest of your move
    • Custom designed moving boxes, packing materials and containers to protect your treasures from breakage, vermin, dust and the elements
    • Carefully planned pet transport and boarding to ensure that your pet’s move is as stress-free as your own
    • Safe and trackable car relocation so you can focus on getting you and your family to your new home, without having to worry about your car, boat or motorcycle
    • Ancillary services, like trades contracting and set up of your home office to save you time, so you can focus on settling into your new home
    • Comprehensive moving and storage insurance options for that ultimate layer of security and peace of mind.
  • Your treasures will be moved safely
    From fine china to priceless heirlooms, our industry leading crews and processes help ensure that your treasures will be moved safely, by providing:

    • Professional packers and removalists who are expertly trained
    • Kent’s Guardian Wrapping System with heavy-duty plastic wrap and cartons exactly designed for specific items
    • Custom crating and precious item packing for high value goods
    • Custom-built reinforced steel containers to safely secure your treasures while in transit and storage
    • Purpose-built state-of-the-art storage facilities that are safe from dust, pests and the elements, and fire and security monitored 24/7
    • Storage and transit insurance to cover your treasures for that ultimate layer of security and peace of mind.
  • Your treasures will be moved affordably
    At Kent, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering premium moving and storage services at affordable rates. We work with you to meet your needs within your budget, and we’re confident that if you compare our high quality services to others’ you’ll find our value to be excellent.
  • Your treasures will be stored securely
    At Kent, we ensure superior protection for your treasures with our secure storage solutions, including:

    • Our unique four-level security protection solution provides complete peace of mind that your treasures are protected by exceptional security
    • Custom-built reinforced steel containers to protect your treasures against vermin, dust, mould and mildew
    • State-of-the-art storage facilities to ensure the utmost protection for your belongings in element-proof 24/7 monitored warehouses
    • Your treasures professionally packed directly into our containers to minimise handling and ensure maximum protection
    • Our storage and transit insurance covers your treasures for absolute peace of mind.

Our Removals Insurance Services… for peace of mind

We can arrange your moving and storage insurance coverage through our Customer Goods in Transit and Storage Insurance Policy.

Our comprehensive policy covers the whole removals process; from the minute we pack your treasures, right up until you sign for the delivery of your boxes.

For a worry-free move, you can choose removals insurance with full, restricted or additional coverage, including:

  • Owner packed goods
  • Pairs and sets
  • Mechanical and electrical derangement
  • Mould and mildew
  • Packing and shipping costs.

Move with Us for Peace of Mind

For a safe, affordable, stress-free move speak to one of our moving experts on 1300 697 150, request an in-home visit, or complete our quick and easy online 24/7 Instant Moving Quote now.

Customer Reviews:

  1. says:

    We used Kent when moving from Finland to Australia and again when moving from Australia to the UK. In both cases the whole process was handled extremely professionally. The one thing I want to commend Kent about was having our insurance claim for a few broken items during our move from Sydney to London be actually handled by Kent. Typically in these cases you’re being bounced around with some third party companies who don’t play any part in the actual move. This case was really a one-stop-shop with a quick turnaround.

    Otso, Paddington, NSW
    (Paddington, NSW to the United Kingdom, May 2014)


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